Sidecar Appendix Rig

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The Sidecar is a dedicated appendix holster that features a built-in mag carrier. Carrying an extra magazine in the appendix position can help balance the weight of the firearm, and distribute the bulge that can sometimes occur carrying AIWB. But the most important benefit is actually having an extra magazine at your disposal. Something we believe is a prudent necessity when carrying a firearm.

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The mag carrier is canted slightly for increased comfort and easier access due to natural body mechanics. Next to the trigger guard are two holes. These holes are used to attach one of our Raptor Claws. The Claw pulls the firearm grip closer to the body for easier concealment. One Raptor Claw is provided with every Sidecar. It can be used or removed based on your preferences. Both the firearm and magazine carrier feature variable retention so you can adjust them to your preferences.

Can you wear this holster and tuck a shirt in over it?
Yep! The shirt can be tucked behind the clips. The clips will be visible over your belt.
I’m… larger. Can I wear this holster?
While it’s hard to simply give a yes or no answer to what holsters will work on some people, there are a lot of larger folks who use the Sidecar. It all comes down to what you wear, how tight your belt is, and your personal preferences as far as comfort goes.
How tight can the Sidecar get?
It can get pretty tight, but we don’t recommend you have it so tight that it’s difficult to remove the pistol.
Which sweat guard height do you all recommend?
We recommend the mid guard. It helps with re-holstering, helps keep your shirt out of the holster, and once the pistol is removed won’t jab your stomach as much as a high guard.
M&P 2.0 Compact with extended M&P fullsize magazine. MAS grey on dark grey colors shown.

P320 Sidecar attached to a Nova belt.
Various EDC equipment. CAT tourniquet, Surefire EDCL2-T.

All Sidecars come standard with our Raptor Claw, which you can customize to your preferred depth in order to best conceal your handgun.

All Sidecars come standard with a Raptor Claw, which you can customize to your preferred depth in order to best conceal your handgun. Here are some Claws mounted at four different depths on a Quick-ship Sidecar.
The shirt guard aids in reholstering and helps keep sweat off of the back of slide. High, mid, and low shirt guards on these P365 Sidecars.

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