Discreet Carry Concepts Belt Clip

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These clips are a great upgrade to Sidecar or Raptor holsters as they are more secure than our default, plastic Tuckable Clips. Made by HLR, these 10XX steel alloy clips have the highest clamping force in the industry and are quite minimalist with a thickness of .025″ and a width of .624″. Because the clamp strength of these is so great, these can be used to attach a holster directly to the fabric of pants for times when you need to conceal clips behind a belt or for when you simply don’t have a belt on. This is particularly useful if you want to carry concealed while in activewear like sweatpants and shorts.

The Mod 4 variant can fit belts up to 1.75″ thick.
The Mod 5.1U variant is specifically for tucking behind the belt and clasping directly onto the fabric of your pants. This variant will NOT fit over belts.

This clip comes with the hardware that you need to attach it to your holster.

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