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The Ironside is an OWB (outside-the-waistband) concealment holster with adjustable retention, specifically designed to fit comfortably snug to your waist in the 3-5 o’clock position. The Ironside is ideal for people wanting to carry concealed under a jacket or button-up, or for people who just don’t feel comfortable carrying inside the waistband. It features 1.5″ or 1.75″ belt loops which are adjustable so you can set the angle (cant) of your handgun, from -5 to +10 degrees, to ensure a solid, intuitive grip when drawing. It’s made of durable, precision-formed .093″ Kydex and comes in light-compatible and non-light-compatible models.

Sold separately is the Ironside Carrier System, which includes dedicated OWB concealment holsters for pistol mags, rifle mags, CAT tourniquets, and handcuffs.


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Ironside Carriers


One T.REX Ironside Holster with belt loop pair installed

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  • Belt loops come installed with +10 degrees of cant. Adjust the cant by moving the front belt loop up or down.
  • Use with a 1.5″ or 1.75″ wide belt (nothing smaller).
  • The texture on the inside of the belt loops is intended to grab the fabric of your pants and stabilize the holster better.
  • Made from precision-formed .093″ Kydex.
  • Fits suppressor height irons up to .500 tall

View the Ironside Hardware Diagram HERE.

Made in the USA by T.REX ARMS.

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Ironside or Sidecar or Ragnarok holster?
Each holster we make has an ideal use, though there can be some overlap.

The Ironside is best utilized as a concealment holster, worn outside-the-waistband under a coat, jacket, or button-up shirt. It can double as a dedicated open carry holster, but we don’t recommend open carry unless you’re in an environment that also dictates wearing a plate carrier or kit. Then, it works well depending on the plate carrier you’re using (see plate carrier FAQ below).

The Sidecar is a dedicated inside-the-waistband concealment holster, designed to be worn in the appendix or 3-5 o’clock position. If you’re wearing a Sidecar at 3-5 o’clock, it generally won’t be as easy or fast to draw from as the Ironside.

The Ragnarok is primarily designed for open carry with plate carriers and kit on. Because it sticks out further from the body, it’s easier to draw from and clear your carrier. This means the Ragnarok is harder to conceal under a jacket, coat, or button-up shirt, which is where the Ironside shines.
What kind of belt should I put this on?
Our NOVA Belt pairs extremely well with this holster and the Ironside Carrier System.
Other belts that we’ve tested and recommend are Kore Essentials and Ciguera.
The Ironside will not work well on over-the-pants style battle belts like our Orion. In some cases, the Ironside can work on thinner competition-style two-piece belts, but its not suited for that very well.
How well does this work when wearing a plate carrier?
It works, but it’s not our preferred setup. Because it rides on the belt line, drawing your handgun when wearing a plate carrier, especially one with a bulky cummerbund, can be a bit difficult and requires you to lean out to ensure clearance of the weapon. The Ironside does work significantly better when the plate carrier’s cummerbund is thin and has nothing in it. Our preferred holster configuration with kit is a Ragnarok holster with the Mid-Ride UBL, QLS, and Thigh Strap.

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