Ironside Tourniquet Carrier Overview

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The Ironside system includes pistol holsters (obviously) but also we have carriers for a whole bunch of different things. Pistol mags, rifle, mags cuffs, and my personal favorite. The tourniquet. Now the tourniquet carrier is a little bit different because it is a hybrid of both kydex and elastic. The elastic gives some retention to the tourniquet, helps holding it in there, but it also protects the tourniquet from wear. Because this is an outside the waistband system, that's fairly important. It also gives you a bit more comfort because if you have this exposed velcro hook system right here, that's gonna either rub up against you snag on the inside of the covering garment. So being able to cover that up with the elastic is a very helpful thing. And then it's really quick to get that off and take the tourniquet out.

If you're running the CAT tourniquet, which is the one that we recommend, you can adjust the retention on the tourniquet and the windlass with these four screws right here. Like all of the carriers, the open side is gonna be the one where these screws do the most for retention, but you can adjust all four of them to get exactly the fit that you want on the tourniquet. But again, the elastic cover means that retention is not quite as important with the screws, even though it is there.

And the tourniquet carrier has all the other improvements and features that the other Ironside carriers do, it has the stiffer more rigid kydex. It has multiple sizes of belt loops. So you can run either the 1 1/2" belt or the 1 3/4" belt. Don't run anything smaller than 1 1/2", by the way. And every carrier comes with this connector piece. So you are able to tie multiple carriers together. You could carry two tourniquets if you wanted to. But my personal favorite setup is tourniquet and spare pistol mag. The tourniquet carrier will support different tourniquets than the cat tourniquet that I demonstrated. So feel free to contact customer service [email protected]. They can talk about some of the other things that will fit. And again, that elastic makes a lot of things work.