Thigh Strap

Ships in 1-8 business days

A single thigh strap can make a big difference in stabilizing an offset holster. By securing the holster setup to your leg, the thigh strap prevents the holster from pulling away when drawing your weapon. This is our new Thigh Strap which we run through the lower bolt of a Safariland UBL mid ride mount. It works great and drops the thigh strap about 1.5″ lower than the original thigh strap (making it flush with the bottom of the UBL). With the pivot point being a riveted hole, it makes for a more flexible and comfortable design and doesn’t restrict movement or dig into your inner thigh. Can be adjusted pretty much as small as you’d like or up to 30 inches.

Give it a shot with our Ragnarok or other holsters.

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