Ironside Handcuff Carrier Overview

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So the Ironside system includes holsters for pistols and carriers for a whole bunch of different stuff, including handcuffs. Now the cuff carrier has five different retention screws that you can work with. And to be honest, I don't know which ones you should start with, because it really is gonna depend on what cuffs you have and which way you wanna run 'em. You can run your cuffs forwards or backwards and you can run a whole bunch of different kinds of cuffs, the Smith and Wesson, hinged and chain varieties work well. Even the larger Peerless hinged varieties are gonna work with a little bit of tweaking to the hardware retention. You're gonna wanna start with these two screws on the outside, but you have five different screws that will let you dial in exactly the feel that you want for the cuffs that you carry.

Again, you can run them forward. You can run 'em backwards—except for the peerless, they only fit in one way because they are so much larger—but you can do whatever you want with these, once you get 'em set up. And we even have a little magnet inside to stop the chain from rattling and the cuff carriers have all the same upgrades and features from the entire Ironside system, thicker more rigid Kydex. These belt loops that are available in the 1 1/2" size or 1 3/4" Inch size. Guys don't run a cuff carrier on a 1" belt, please. It's just not a good look. And every cuff carrier, like every carrier comes with the bridge connector. So you can tie multiple cuff carriers together or any of the other carrier attachments. If you have questions about specific types of cuffs, specific sizes of cuffs, contact the customer service team, [email protected] and they should be able to help you out with that.