T.REX ARMS Careers

Inspire. Educate. Equip.

T.REX ARMS is hiring for many positions, a few of which are highlighted below. We’re looking for individuals who have strong morals and a great work ethic.

We welcome your resume anytime. Even if we do not have a position posted below that you feel would fit you, if you are interested in working here, please send us your resume!

Find our Core Values HERE.

Application Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must be able to pass a drug test

You may apply by sending a resume and cover letter to [email protected].

We are currently accepting resumes for the following positions:


Pay: Dependent on Experience
Perks: Six (6) Paid holidays; Paid time off; Flexible time off; H.S.A. account; Free holsters & swag—other items at cost
Location: Onsite

This position supports the overall mission of the T.REX ARMS Media and Marketing team. This is a high tempo, highly flexible, team-oriented role requiring performing tasks indoors and outdoors.

For this position, you must submit a demo reel using the log footage located HERE. We want to see what you are capable of, and if you can utilize our footage to meet the brand standards of T.REX.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Must be an extremely efficient editor. Fast learner, highly adaptable, able to capture branding through color grading and audio selection.
  • Capable of developing produced photos and videos into branded content for publication on web and social media platforms.
  • Experienced in the post-production photo and video editing process: ingest, culling, color correction, color grading, audio, and export.
  • Skilled in photography and graphic design.
  • Proficient in DaVinci Resolve and/or Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Able to edit a variety of content types from large scale YouTube productions to social media reels to podcasts.
  • Experience with additional media software (Adobe Creative Suite), Sony mirrorless cameras, DJI gimbals/audio equipment/drones is an added bonus.
  • 1-2 years of experience or equivalent.
  • Portfolio is required.


Pay: $18.00 – $24.00/hour (Depending on Experience)
Perks: Six (6) Paid holidays; Paid time off; Flexible time off; H.S.A. account; Free holsters & swag—other items at cost
Location: Onsite

T.REX’s shipping team is essential to our mission to equip citizens to lawfully defend liberty and life. We ship like someone’s life depends on it because, in some cases, it does. This shipping position offers a fast-paced and versatile work environment in a warehouse. If you enjoy multi-tasking and are detail-oriented, this department is the one for you.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Efficiently pick, pack, and ship orders, paying close attention to order details.
  • Operate a pallet jack to move pallets in the warehouse and prepare outgoing mail for pickup.
  • Restock and perform necessary maintenance and cleaning tasks to keep the shipping area clean and organized.
  • Communicate with Customer Service when orders require special instructions, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Adhere to existing work instructions/processes and contribute ideas and recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Perform other tasks assigned to you by your supervisor (e.g., assembly, QC, etc.).
  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 25 lbs.


Pay: $26.00 – $32.00/hour (Depending on Experience)
Perks: Six (6) Paid holidays; Paid time off; Flexible time off; H.S.A. account; Partial Cell Phone Plan Reimbursement; Free holsters & swag—other items at cost
Location: Onsite

The Electrical Technician is a member of the Facilities & Maintenance Department team. The Facilities Department is responsible for ensuring the facilities, production, and other equipment are always available to advance the T.REX ARMS mission and strategic objectives. Facilities include the rifle range, buildings, building services infrastructure and a variety of basic and complex manufacturing equipment (e.g. plumbing, air conditioning and filtration, compressed air and vacuum plant, lighting, electrical power distribution, security systems, fire systems, building monitoring, and communication devices).

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Competently carry out Building Infrastructure, Plant and Equipment restorative and planned maintenance activities.
  • Assist the Construction Manager with all aspects of construction and project work. This management function will include the supervision and direction of external contractors.
  • At certain times the Electrical Technician will be required to backfill the Facilities Steward role and assist in the electrical and electronic/computer control aspects of that role. Conversely, the Facilities Steward will assist the Electrical Technician in maintenance and project work as required.


  • High level of self-government and motivation are important for this role

Required Skills/Experience:

1) Advanced knowledge of:

  • Electrical power and lighting distribution systems and components
  • Electrical, mechanical, pneumatic/hydraulic systems that are typically found in Production Plant & Equipment
  • Production Plant and Equipment computer-based control systems, control circuits and control software

2) Be able to troubleshoot problems related to:

  • Building System Electrics and Controls
  • Production Plant and Equipment: Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic/Hydraulic systems
  • Control Programming and Software
  • Incorrect use of plant, equipment and building infrastructure


Pay: $23.00 – $30.00/hour (Depending on Experience)
Perks: Six (6) Paid holidays; Paid time off; Flexible time off; H.S.A. account; Free holsters & swag—other items at cost
Location: Onsite

Create and maintain holster designs via CAD development, mold processing, research, and testing.

Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Use CAD to create models and assemble our mold assemblies in Fusion 360
  • Follow processes and checklists, log changes for iterative designs
  • Communicate with other team members to document feedback and communicate design specifics
  • Track and organize multiple designs, versions, and prototypes in various stages of development
  • Able to give a methodical report of findings and suggestions for next steps


  • Fluent in basic computer skills 
  • Precise in thought and intention 
  • Problem-solving skill and patience 
  • Comfortable using organization systems and checklists 
  • ClickUp 
  • Fusion 360 (Previous experience preferred)


  • Responsible for taking ownership of projects by maintaining a high standard of quality and personal accountability 
  • Displays humility in being quick to listen and slow to speak 
  • Servant-hearted desire to serve users and team members because you feel their pain


Pay, hours, and benefits are customizable for this position.
Location: On-Site

T.REX ARMS is building its own business platform from scratch. Join our team of Software Developers as we design and extend our software system that manages every step of our business operations from procurement to customer; the digital backbone of T.REX ARMS.

Primary Responsibilities:
Our full-stack developers design database schema, write API endpoints, implement business logic, connect to third-party services (where we can’t avoid it), and design and implement internal UIs and customer-facing UIs. We use the usual set of website technologies, as well as Svelte, TypeScript, MySQL, Node.js, CloudFlare workers, and AWS SQS for task processing. Migration away from WordPress/WooCommerce and ArangoDB is in progress, so you’ll probably have to poke some at those, too.

Our team is built around these disciplines:

  • Curious. Makes time to learn how stuff works and how stuff is changing. Is bothered by their ignorance of the system. Asks, “Wait, why does that work?” instead of just “Why doesn’t this work?”
  • Precise. Deliberation in speech and in work. Doesn’t rush work to get it out the door, and when speaking, doesn’t use hyperbole or exaggeration to make a point.
  • Wise. Thinks about the future consequences of decisions. “What about this solution is incomplete or is going to make more work later?” Is able to resist the tyranny of the urgent and not get bogged down in a never-ending stream of patches and bugfixes.
  • Responsible. Feels ownership of the project. Wants to maintain a high standard of quality for the team. Wants to be held accountable for sloppy work and wants to hold others on the team accountable.
  • Humble. Quick to listen and slow to speak. Asks for help when overwhelmed or confused. Freely says “I didn’t know that,” or “I don’t know.” Seeking to improve and become more productive.
  • Servant-hearted. Wants to serve users and team members because you feel their pain. Motivated to start projects or come up with ideas to solve their problems. Is eager to teach others how things work.