Ironside Pistol Mag Carrier Overview

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So in addition to the Ironside pistol holster, we also have a whole bunch of different carriers, mag carrier, tourniquet, cuff carrier, but the most useful is the pistol mag carrier that will allow you to carry an extra pistol mag, which comes in handy when you need extra ammo or admin purposes or whatever. And it has all of the same improvements that the Ironside holster system has. It has thicker kydex. It has the same ergonomics, and it has exactly the same belt loops. So you have the option of running the 1 1/2" belt loops or 1 3/4" belt loops. If you are running a larger belt. It also has the same adjustable retention that the Ironside pistol holsters do. So on this pistol mag carrier, these two screws are gonna do the most for retention. You can see that this is the open side.

This is gonna grab the back of the pistol mag. That's where you're gonna get most of your retention. But if you are running a Glock mag, this screw right here is gonna help you really grab a hold of that little magazine notch right there. And you can get exactly the sort of retention and exactly the sort of draw stroke that you are looking for by playing with these four different screws. The other really neat feature about this particular product is each one comes with this special bridge connector device that will allow you to connect multiple carriers together. So you can have double the ammunition or pretty much any setup that you're looking for. Like my personal favorite, one pistol mag, and one tourniquet carrier. This lets you build exactly what sort of double carrier you want that has some rigidity to it. It's gonna be extremely stable, be exactly where you want it and just gives you all the options that you need. If you have any questions about running these things together, adjusting them support for different types of pistol magazines. You can contact our customer service team [email protected] and they'll be able to help you out.