Ironside Rifle Mag Carrier Overview

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The Ironside system is a pistol holster system (obviously) but there's also a whole bunch of carriers that are available. The pistol mag carrier is probably gonna be the most useful, but pistol magazines are full of very puny bullets. That's why we also have an AR magazine carrier that is gonna be compatible with your polymer mags, but also your steel mags. It has the exact same features that all of the Ironside carriers do. It has the improved, thicker, more rigid kydex. It has the belt loops that are available in both 1 1/2" size and 1 3/4". So you can run different sizes of belts. And it has the adjustable retention, which you're gonna need. If you run polymer and Steelcase mags, you're gonna need a slightly different adjustment for each. You can run the mags forward or backwards, whichever you prefer.

And it also has really adjustable retention so that you can get exactly the fit that you want on your magazines. You have these four screws here, the ones on the open side are gonna be the ones that get you the most result clamping down on that. But because you can also adjust on this side, you're able to get exactly the fit that you want on exactly whatever kind of mags that you wanna run and exactly how you want to run them. Now, if you run this at nine o'clock (quick ergonomic note) 30 rounder's gonna kind of get right into your rib area here. So 20 rounders are a lot more comfortable to run and like all of the carriers, it comes with a connector so that you're able to tie two different carriers together, running as many AR mags, as you would like mixing them up with pistols, cuffs, or tourniquets, whatever it is that you would like to do with your setup.

If you have questions about specific magazines or adjustments for different types of fit, you can contact our customer service team at [email protected], and they'll be able to help you out.