A good belt makes a big difference when you conceal-carry. Particularly if you carry a compact or full-size handgun. You need a belt that offers good stability to keep the pistol supported and in a consistent position. The NOVA isn’t your ordinary COBRA-buckle EDC belt. We wanted a belt that could be adjusted more quickly and easily.

Rather then utilizing a d-ring or tri-glide to keep the belt tight, we use Velcro and extra thick webbing for the tail. The tail simply weaves through the male end of the COBRA and then fastens back onto the NOVA via hook and loop. Simple. Easy to adjust. And holds up with kit.

Sizing information below.

All NOVA belts are 1.5″ in width.

Due to the slim construction and execution of the NOVA, the two clips of a Sidecar can fit on either side of the COBRA. Other Sidecar-style holsters should work as well.

COBRA buckle belts are great for holding up belt-worn kit such as OWB holsters, mag pouches, and med kits. The thickness of the tail end of the NOVA combined with the friction of the COBRA and fastening via Velcro keeps the belt secure even under decent loads.

SIZING: The NOVA isn’t sized for traditional pants sizing. It’s sized for actual waist circumference. So before purchasing, measure your waist to confirm your actual waist size. If you use an IWB, measure over your concealment holster. For example, someone who wears pants size 32 could actually have a 35″ waist. Pants sizing IS NOT a precise measurement to order belts with because it can change based on the model/make of pants, and how tight the wearer prefers them. So measure yourself with your holster on before ordering.

WARRANTY: If your NOVA belt fails due to a manufacturing defect, we offer full warranty on the product. We cannot offer a warranty on belts that wear out due to regular use, improper use, negligence, or unfortunate accidents. We’ll also be the first to tell you that like all gear… NOVA belts don’t last forever. So don’t conjure up any unrealistic expectations for this belt. As fun as it may be. But with that said, NOVA belts are made to take a beating and COBRA buckles are no joke.

NOTE: This belt won’t work amazingly inside an Orion. Order the inner belt for that.

Made in the USA. Of course.