1. Sidecar holster being worn inside the waistband in front of the appendix
    T.REX Sidecar Holster
    Inside the waistband • Concealed • Modular

    If you want to carry concealed, this is probably what you want. Built for appendix carry, but works anywhere inside the waistband. Can be fitted with a mag carrier, tourniquet holder, rifle mag carrier, or handcuff carrier.

  2. Ragnarok holster worn on the hip
    T.REX Ragnarok Holster
    Heavy duty • Attaches to your preferred mount

    If you have opinions about how holsters should attach to you, you have your choice. We recommend a UBL mid-ride with a thigh strap.

  3. Ironside holster being worn outside the waistband on the hip
    T.REX Ironside Holster
    Outside the waistband • Concealable

    If you don't want to carry inside the waistband, this holster conceals beneath your jacket or button-up. It fits different belt sizes and can be adjusted to different angles.

  4. RagnarokSD holster carrying a suppressed pistol
    T.REX RagnarokSD Holster
    For suppressed pistols

    If you like filling out paperwork and don't like awkward holsters, we've got you covered.