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T.REX ARMS is a 6th Commandment/2nd Amendment company located about an hour outside of Nashville, TN. We’re dedicated to providing quality equipment to citizens who want to protect their life, family, community, and country. We design, develop, and manufacture holsters, rifle accessories, and nylon goods. We also offer a curated selection of products from other manufacturers that have undergone in-house testing and evaluation so that you know you’ll always receive a quality product when you order from us.

We believe that every human being has a God-given right and responsibility to defend and protect life and liberty. As such, we want to “Equip Serious Citizens.” This goes far beyond simply selling you a product. We want to Inspire you to go out and take training and worldview seriously. We want to provide Education to help you raise your level of performance so that you, in turn, can go out and help raise the standards for those around you. And we want to do all this while operating with integrity, excellence, and compassion.

You can find some of our training resources HERE and follow our YouTube and Instagram for more content.

Are you new to guns and shooting? You might want to take a look at these videos to help you get started: How to Shoot a Rifle in 10 Minutes and How to Shoot a Pistol in 10 Minutes



We think, act, speak, and make decisions in reality, no matter how uncomfortable or unpopular or boring. Truth allows us to educate, innovate, and relate to others with clarity and confidence. Ultimately, reality is defined by the God of the Bible.


Our strengths and successes are gifts from God and others, not things we take credit for. We are willing to be proved wrong, and are not dogmatic about subjective things, because truth is more important than self. We would rather win people than win arguments.


We serve teammates, customers, suppliers, and followers as if serving the Lord. We focus on the mission, not the money, and believe that as we help people we will be provided for as well.


We pursue our work with our best. We’re grateful for what we’ve achieved, but we’ll do it even better next time.

Human Life

Every human has dignity and value because we’re made in God’s image. Others’ perspectives inform and enrich us. And each person has potential beyond what we can envision.


We inspire, educate, and equip citizens because there are times when the only answer to predatory violence is proficiency in force. We don’t love force; we love what it defends. We advocate for the God-given right enshrined in the 2nd Amendment because when civil government attempts a monopoly on force, everyone suffers and the weakest suffer most.


Email: [email protected]
Phone: (931) 716-9707
Mailing Address: 758 Industrial Road Centerville, TN 37033