Raptor Appendix Holster

Ships in 1-3 weeks

The Raptor Appendix Holster is a unique specimen. It’s similar in build to the Nomad, but features two holes near the trigger guard to allow the attachment of our Raptor Claw. While the Raptor Holster can be worn anywhere IWB, with the Claw attached it is extremely effective worn in the appendix position. If you don’t appendix carry, our Nomad holster should suit your needs just fine. A Raptor Claw, IWB Quick Clip, and IWB Tuckable Clip are included with this holster. The Quick Clip mounts directly in line with the claw; the Tuckable Clip can be moved up and down for a deeper or higher ride height.

For the light-compatible-version of this holster, click here.

Sig P226 + Raptor Appendix Holster + Medium NeoMag + Streamlight 1L1AA

The Raptor can be ordered with varying shirt guard heights. The guard aids in reholstering and keeps some sweat off of the slide.

High, mid, and low shirt guards on custom Raptors.

All Sidecars come standard with a Raptor Claw, which you can customize to your preferred depth in order to best conceal your handgun.

Raptor Claws mounted at three different depths.



Pattern Upgrade (choose on UPGRADES page), Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Arctic White, Coyote Brown, FDE Brown, OD Green, MAS Gray, Army Green, Blood Red, Police Blue, Royal Purple, Hunter Orange, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Tiffany Blue, Mustard Yellow

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