Raptor Appendix Holster

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The Raptor Appendix Holster is a unique specimen. Designed with comfort and versatility in mind, it features two different mounting systems, as well as our Raptor Claw which is situated beside the trigger guard to pull the grip tighter to the body. This provides numerous options for adjusting ride height and tuck to your preference. While the Raptor Holster can be worn anywhere IWB, with the Claw attached it is extremely effective worn in the appendix position. If you don’t carry appendix, our Nomad holster is a great option.

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A Raptor Claw, IWB Quick Clip, and IWB Tuckable Clip are included with each holster. The Quick Clip mounts directly in line with the claw and comes in two belt sizes; the Tuckable Clip can be moved up and down for a deeper or higher ride height.
Can you wear this holster with a dress shirt tucked in?
Yep! The shirt can be tucked when the provided tuckable clip is installed, and the clip will be visible over the belt.
I’m… larger. Can I wear this holster?
It’s difficult to give a simple yes or no answer to this question, because everyone is a little different. However, there are lots of larger folks who use and like the Raptor. Whether or not it works for you depends on what you wear, how tight your belt is, and your personal preferences about comfort. 
How tight can the Raptor get?
It can get pretty tight, but we don’t recommend you have it so tight that it becomes difficult to remove the pistol.
Which shirt guard height do you all recommend?
We recommend the mid guard. It makes it easier to re-holster, helps keep your shirt out of the holster, and with the pistol removed it won’t jab your stomach as much as a high guard.
Sig P226, Raptor Appendix Holster, Medium NeoMag, and Streamlight 1L1AA flashlight
High, mid, and low shirt guards. A shirt guard aids in re-holstering and comfort.
All Raptors come standard with a Raptor Claw, which you can customize to your preferred depth in order to best conceal your handgun.
Raptor Claws mounted at three different depths.

Available pattern upgrades.

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