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If you carry a Subgun with you every day, whether off-body in a pack or in your vehicle, it’s not a bad idea to carry a spare mag on you. Similar to our Rifle Mag Attachment, we developed another Sidecar holster attachment that allows you to carry a spare mag for a variety of different Subguns.

Attached via the Spine System with a Spine pin and friction washer, we offer 3 variations that can carry a variety of Subgun magazines in the appendix position, rounds facing rearward or forward depending on user preference. Because the Sidecar is hinged, the subgun mag remains very well concealed even though standard capacity 30 round magazines are typically a bit longer than 30 round AR mags. Some retention adjustments will be necessary to fit the brand of magazines you choose to carry. Watch the overview video for a breakdown of installation and adjustment.


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One Sidecar Subgun Mag Attachment (Black) with one T.REX IWB Tuckable Clip installed.

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The Subgun Mag Attachment is ambidextrous. The Tuckable Clip comes installed for right-handed shooters, but if you are left-handed, you can simply remove it and install it on the opposite side. View the Sidecar Hardware Diagram HERE.

Made in the USA.

MP5 Mag Attachment fits:

  • MP5 (straight and curved)
  • KP-9
  • Stribog
  • Steyr TMP

MPX Mag Attachment fits:

  • MPX

SCP Mag Attachment fits:

  • Scorpion
  • (Note: The Magpul CZ Scorpion EVO 3 will fit, but it’s not a great fit.)

The T.REX IWB Tuckable Clip is injection molded from high-strength acetal plastic. It is 3/4″ wide and 3 5/8″ long and is a Universal fit (i.e. fits belts 1.5″ to 1.75″) with a 0.5″ of adjustment. Made in the USA.

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How I Train With PCCs/Subguns – Video – T.REX ARMS

Sidecar Subgun Mag Attachment Overview – Video – T.REX ARMS

The New Sidecar Holster Overview – Video – T.REX ARMS

The Open Source Sidecar Spine System – Video – T.REX ARMS

The Open Source Sidecar Spine System – T.REX ARMS

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