Sidecar Rifle Mag Attachment

Ships in 1-5 weeks

If you carry a rifle with you every day, whether off-body in a pack or in your vehicle, it’s not a bad idea to carry a spare rifle mag on you. This rifle mag attachment for the new Sidecar holster lets you do just that.

Attached via the Spine System with a Spine pin and friction washer, it can carry a variety of 5.56 STANAG magazines in the appendix position, rounds facing rearward or forward depending on user preference. Because the new Sidecar is hinged, the rifle mag remains very well concealed even when running higher capacity mags like 40 round PMAGs. Some retention adjustments will be necessary to fit the brand of magazines you choose to carry. Watch the overview video for a breakdown of installation and adjustment.

This attachment does not come with a magazine.
Can I get this in other colors?
At the moment we are sticking with black as the only color option for Sidecar attachments to stay on top of production. The future may hold more options, but for now black is still the new black.
What is the purpose of this? Why would I ever want to carry a rifle mag attached to a pistol holster?
For the same reason we recommend everyone who carries a pistol also carries a spare pistol mag on their person, we recommend if you carry a rifle regularly you should also carry a spare mag on your person. Pistol mags are easier to carry in pockets, especially with tools such as the NeoMag, so storing a spare rifle mag attached to your Sidecar can be a comfortable, concealable, and effective option. This is especially true for those that work in environments that require they have a rifle, but still want to maintain low visibility.
What kind of mags will this fit?
We’ve tried PMAGs, Lancer Mags, steel HK mags, and old-school aluminum mags. Because of the adjustable retention, we’re confident it will fit the vast majority of standard STANAG 5.56 magazines.
Does this have to be attached to a Sidecar holster? Can it be used by itself?
While it is possible to wear this carrier by itself, we don’t recommend it. It’s not as stable worn alone as when attached to the Sidecar holster. Trying to wear this by itself with just a single clip holding onto your belt will create an inconsistent angle as it twists in your beltline. If you are adamant about wanting to run this alone, add a Raptor Wing + Clip to give it some stability and consistency.
Could I attach this to a Sidecar without the friction washer?
The question isn’t really could you, but should you. While the Spine pin is very secure even without the friction washer, it’s wise to build in redundancy. If you need replacement hardware, you can find it here.