Sidecar Pistol Mag Attachment

Ships in 1-5 weeks
If you draw your pistol with your right hand, choose “Right”.
If you draw with your left hand, choose “Left”.

This pistol mag carrier allows you to carry a spare magazine in the appendix position–just like the original Sidecar Appendix Rig–but with the added benefit of flex down the middle and adjustable mag ride height. It attaches to the new Sidecar holster via the Spine System with a pin and friction washer.

This mag carrier offers more adjustable retention points than the original Sidecar as well, five to be exact, and they can be tweaked to give you the perfect fit on your magazine. Watch the product overview video for installation and adjustment instructions.

This attachment does not come with a magazine.
This is NOT a standalone product. It is designed to be attached to the new Sidecar holster.
Can I get this in other colors?
At the moment we are sticking with black as the only color option for Sidecar attachments to stay on top of production. The future may hold more options, but for now black is still the new black.
Could I attach this to a Sidecar without the friction washer?
The question isn’t really could you, but should you. While the Spine pin is very secure even without the friction washer, it’s wise to build in redundancy. If you need replacement hardware, you can find it here.