CAT Tourniquet Holder

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Tourniquets are mission-essential items. With the ever-present danger of medical emergencies, having an effective way to stop massive extremity bleeding is critical. With this elastic tourniquet holder, you can place a tourniquet in accessible locations on your kit – on the side of a plate carrier front flap, underneath a chest rig, or attached under a competition belt. If it’s got Velcro hook, you can deploy one of these carriers.

NOTE: Does NOT include CAT Tourniquet. Purchase a CAT here.
Tourniquet Holder fastened to Tek Loks. The Tek Loks have been been modified with hook adhered to them.
Plate carrier cummerbunds can run on top of the holder and the tourniquet is still easily accessible. Crye JPC shown.

Made in America by Coyote Tactical Solutions.