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The AC1 is a minimalist plate carrier that has the ability to scale to an individual’s needs. It comes ready to roll out of the box in its slick configuration with an elastic cummerbund and low-profile shoulder pads. The AC1 also comes with two ITW QASM buckles for attaching most standard placards and some chest rigs.

Consider adding a shingle or a placard to carry more equipment or magazines. The T.REX Shingle does an excellent job of keeping the carrier slick while providing magazine-carrying capability when needed. The T.REX Placard isn’t quite as low-profile but provides better mag retention and easier loading/re-indexing of magazines.

Do you have feedback on how your plates fit in the AC1? You can fill out the following form to help other customers: AC1 Plate Fit Feedback


Sizing for plate carriers is based on the size of your plates, not your body.

If you are purchasing or already have a set of Hesco plates, refer to our Hesco Fitment chart below. For any questions about specific plates, please reach out to us at [email protected].

AC1 SmallAC1 MediumAC1 Large
SAPI Small (8.75″ x 11.75″)
Under 1.2″ Thick
SAPI Medium (9.5″ x 12.5″)
Under 1.2″ Thick
SAPI Large (10.25″ x 13.25″)
Under 1.2″ Thick
Single-Curve Shooter or Swimmer (8″ x 10″)
Under 1.2″ Thick
Single-Curve Shooter or Swimmer (10″ x 12″)
Under .70″ Thick
Single-Curve Shooter or Swimmer (10″ x 12″)
Under 1.2″ Thick
Multi-Curve Shooter or Swimmer (8″ x 10″)
Under 1.2″ Thick
Multi-Curve Shooter or Swimmer (10″ x 12″)
Under 1.2″ Thick


The old HESCO L210 fits the Medium AC1 well, but the new L211 plate is slightly thicker thus, the fit is very tight. However, we still recommend the medium AC1 for the L211s, even with plate backers. If you have any problems, please email us at [email protected], and we’ll get you taken care of.
AC1 SmallAC1 MediumAC1 Large
HESCO 3810 Small (SAPI)HESCO 3810 Medium (SAPI)HESCO 3810 Large (SAPI)
HESCO 4601 Small (SAPI)HESCO 4601 Medium (SAPI)HESCO 4601 Large (SAPI)
HESCO 4800 Small (SAPI)HESCO 4800 Medium (SAPI)HESCO 4800 Large (SAPI)
HESCO L210 Small (8″ x 10″)HESCO L210 Large (10″ x 12″)
HESCO M210 Small (SAPI)HESCO M210 Medium (SAPI)HESCO M210 Large (SAPI)
HESCO M210 Small (8″ x 10″)HESCO L211 Large (10″ x 12″)HESCO M210 Large (10″ x 12″)

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The AC1 consists of: Front and rear plate bags, padded shoulder straps, two buckles for attaching a placard, and an elastic cummerbund with six pouches of varied sizes.

The AC1 does not include armor plates.

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Sizing for plate carriers is based on the size of your plates, not your body. (It is the plates that should be based on the size of your body.) To choose the correct plate carrier size, use the sizing chart and watch the setup video above.

All cummerbunds are the same length and height and should work for the vast majority of individuals. However, if you’re worried about being too small or too large to wear a plate carrier, measure your torso circumference (the solar plexus is a good location from which to measure) and consult the following data:

Min. Torso Cir.Max. Torso Cir.
Small AC130″56″
Medium AC132″58″
Large AC134″60″

Each cummerbund is 4″ high and has six pouches total: Two 2.5″ pouches; Two 3″ pouches; Two 4″ pouches.

Made in the USA.

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What size plate carrier should I get?
Begin with the end in mind. The point of body armor is to protect your vital organs. So, start there. Size your armor plates to your body and then size your plate carrier to your plates. You can use Hesco’s Hard Armor Fitting Guide to determine what size plates you need to cover your vital organs. (You can get a good idea of what size plates you need by measuring nipple to nipple and clavicle to a few inches above your belly button.)
What type of plates should I get?
Will my plates fit in the AC1?
If you’re wondering about plate compatibility, email us at [email protected] with the specs of your plates and we’ll do our best to figure out if they would work in our AC1.
Can I wear SAPI side plates with this carrier? What about adding a back panel?
The AC1 was designed to be a slick, low-profile, lightweight plate carrier. If you’d like recommendations for a load-bearing plate carrier, you can reach out to us at [email protected].

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If you’re interested, you can read about the complicated history surrounding getting a steady supply of T.REX ARMS AC1s here: (2021) T.REX ARMS Inc. v. IB Design, LLC and John Lawton – T.REX ARMS

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