T.REX ITRK EDC Medical Kit

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At T.REX ARMS we believe that being trained and prepared for the aftermath of a violent encounter is just as important as training for the encounter itself. Carrying medical gear and understanding some basics in trauma care can make a huge difference.

Our Individual Trauma Response Kit contains essential gear to treat serious trauma. The kit doesn’t include a tourniquet to keep the size down so it’s easier to fit into a back pocket. It’s often easier to carry the tourniquet in another pocket. We definitely recommend supplementing this kit with a CAT.

The ITRK EDC can fit in a backpocket, jacket pocket, or slipped into a backpack.

Equipment included:
ETD 4″ Trauma Dressing
Hyfin compact chest seal – twin pack
Combat gauze – hemostatic

Developed with North American Rescue.


North American Rescue products cannot be shipped outside of the US.

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