T.REX Tourniquet Holder Overview

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Video Transcript

Product Introduction (00:00):
Our tourniquet holder is extremely straightforward. It's a piece of 4" elastic with a section of loop velcro and hook velcro attached to one side. What this means is you can attach this to pretty much anywhere on your kit that has velcro, whether it's hook or loop your plate carriers, your chest rigs, your, your competition two-piece belts, inside of backpacks, your little EDC, super fancy little sling bag, whatever it is. You can have a tourniquet ready to go attached to one of these suckers. So I have a CAT tourniquet right here. I've got a couple of them and basically the way this works is it's going to slot in.

And there are some misconceptions about this carrier. When we released it years ago, people said there's nothing attaching, you know retaining the tourniquet. It'll just fall out. Well, it doesn't because for one it's elastic, it's a pretty tight fit. And then for two you have the trap, the windless trap, that's gonna prevent this from, you know, going out one direction. Obviously it's gonna be removed from the pouch from the opposite direction of where the trap is located. But it's not going anywhere. It's not gonna fall out. Even if you mount this to your kit upside down, it's still not going anywhere unless maybe something catches on this and actually yanks it out.

Mounting Options (01:10):
So let's talk about where this thing can actually be placed. So I have a two-piece belt this is from AWS, so it's just a very simple, I've got a velcro field on the inside that is hook. Normally you would put this on top of a loop belt, so like an inner belt, something like that. And I can position this pretty much anywhere on the belt and I've got my tourniquet ready to go. I can grab it with one hand pretty easily. If I go back with the other hand, it's a little bit harder, but it can be done. So I can just place a tourniquet on my belt real fast and I'm good to go. Another place that I have used a tourniquet and just had one is in the front running it on the either right in front of me, like so easily accessible with either hand or actually on the side, just right here, underneath my rifle mag carrier and around where the dump pouch is. Also another great place to run a tourniquet but what I can basically do is put it wherever I want it to go, because it's got velcro hook and loop. And this is a two-piece belt with velcro hook on the inside. So I am good to go.

Mounting on Plate Carriers (02:14):
Now, as far as plate carriers go, this is where it gets real fun. We've got an AC1 right here, a really popular spot to put something like this—There's a lot of other companies that make tourniquet holders—is going to be on the one of the sides, one of the underwing sides of your plate carrier. So in this case, I'm gonna position this one on the opposite side of where my radio is. I've got a radio pouch on the right side. I can have a tourniquet here or I have a radio on the left side. I can have a tourniquet here on the right side. Cummerbunds just gonna go on top. And my tourniquet is going to be nicely tucked right here. Still accessible with either hand. It's obviously not gonna fall out because that's not how the tourniquet is positioned. And then what I actually like to do as well is have a tourniquet—using our tourniquet holder.

You can do this on all sorts of plate carriers, but in this case on an AC1—Actually have one positioned in the rear and this can be removed in a downward motion with either hand. And again, because it's a really tight fit with the elastic. And because my cummerbund is running along on top of it, it is a tight enough fit that this is not going to be jettisoning and leaving the plate carrier and falling out of the pouch itself. And because I flipped the cap trap for the windless… The windless trap towards the inside that also prevents it from being snagged and getting yoinked from the plate carrier. So I can have a tourniquet right there. I can have one right here on the side. And then if I want to go even crazier, have another tourniquet or maybe I just wanna, I've got another radio on this side or something. You can run it underneath.

Final Notes (03:52):
So now it's just gonna run right underneath my placard, chest rig, or whatever it is that I'm running. And again, easily removable with either hand very accessible. It's just a really simple piece of kit, but allows you to position a tourniquet really anywhere on your plate carrier, where you need it, multiple tourniquets. If you wanna run three or four you can obviously have them in a lot of different places and get the job done. If you have any other questions on our tourniquet carrier and how it can be used. Go ahead and email us at [email protected].