T.REX Orion Outer Belt Overview

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Video Transcript

Introduction (00:01):
So when to wear a traditional over belt (war belt) setup. Well, this is actually a perfect example right here. It's a little chilly right now. It's very wet, which is just making everything a lot colder in general. But it's around 30 degrees. I've got PCU pants on over what I'm wearing, and then I have this nice big fleece hoodie. And the last thing that I wanna do is run a two piece belt, bring this hoodie up, expose a bunch of my, you know, belly (my core, a little bit) to the elements, to the wind. Because we do have a little bit of wind right now and it's just a lot colder than being able to take my over belt such as the Orion right here, drop that on top. And now I'm not disturbing any of the layers that's going on right here.

Overview of Orion Outer Belt (00:42):
So I'm super warm. Can still, you know, do stuff and not freeze to death, right? So the Orion belt, let's go ahead and talk about that. It has a bunch of features that make it a little more modern than some of the traditional over belts out there. It has laser cut MOLLE, which has some advantages, some disadvantages I like traditional quarter raft MOLLE in some ways, but in this case for what the Orion needs and how slim it is, it works really well. There's a non-slip pad on the inside that Coyote Tactical sourced back in the day that we're still using. It's very firm, holds up the weight of the equipment you put on the belt very well. And it gives you those non-slip properties for running around and doing stuff. But I will say the non-slip, doesn't just work on its own.

MOLLE Setup for Mag Pouches (01:28):
You do have to wear the belt tight. If you wear the belt loose around your hips and you're like "oh, the nonslip will, you know, fill in the gaps and it'll not move around on my my body." Not the case. You still have to wear the belt tied to keep it in place. Especially if you're dropping down to a knee shooting, coming back up, that's normally when belts start to ride up and then when you stand out, the whole thing is off your waist and it's flying all over the place. As far as what pouches to put on the Orion. I get a lot of people that say "Hey can I put MARS on there? Can I put MARS carriers on there?" And my advice is don't try to do that. This is not a belt that was meant to take Kydex mag carriers, Kydex mag carriers take up quite a bit more room than a standard MOLLE pouch, such as the ESSTAC KYWI series or some of the other ones out there, just a standard like flat pouch. And if you're running one of these belts, you're probably wearing a little bit more kit than running it just super slim. If you're running a super slim belt, that's where like the two piece belts come in. But I don't recommend trying to run these either with the malice, sort of, MOLLE lock clips or exposing the inner belt and going through, you know, you know, popping in and out of our PALS webbing sections. I just don't recommend it. You're not gonna get very much ammo on the belt and it just doesn't work real well. That's why the ESSTACs here work really awesome because if I wanna have four pistol mags, for whatever reason, all I have to do is shift this back and go, or even go 1, 2, 3, 4, and in four slots of MOLLE I have four magazines.

PROS of Kydex Retention Mag Pouches (02:55):
Now, are they as fast to grab and get to, and as nice to grab as a Kydex, you know, MARS carrier type of you know, situation. No, they're not, they are still very fast, but it's, you know, you can't set the angle and do all that really cool stuff. I know they have an angled one now, ESSTAC does, but it does take up like two rows of MOLLE to use. And so it just comes down to what you wanna do. The rest of the products that I have on here.

Dump Pouch Overview (03:18):
Dump pouch, I have it all folded up, as you can see it gets pretty small, not as small as… There's some out there that have less… they use lighter weight material and they get even smaller, but… Boom. I have a flap if I wanna, you know, keep everything contained or I can just go, you know, slap this right here. If you're a dump pouch guy—if your name is Blake, maybe you don't like dump pouches—But if you're dump pouch guy, this one is works really well. Has the leg strap that is included that you can thread through these little loops to help keep the dump pouch close to your body. So it's not just flopping all over the place and that is going to be attached to your leg. And it's also got shock cord, so it expands as you run around and breathe and do things. And it works well.

MED1 Overvew (04:00):
The MED1 here on the back, which there's two kind of styles for mounting this to the belt. You can either run the big loops and just thread it onto the entire belt itself. Or you can pop the inner belt through one of these PALS sections and actually go through the smaller slot. This will make the MED1 hug the belt a little bit tighter, but it is a little more frustrating to put on the belt. So both methods work well, it's just kind of based on what you want to do if you're buying our kitted Orion which is more or less what this is, that's gonna be threaded on like this and it works just fine.

I have an HSGI Taco on here. This is one of my favorite pouches for multi-purpose items. I've got a Leatherman in there, but I can put a flashlight, I could put pistol mags in there. I prefer them for other accessories over pistol mags and run something more like an ESSTAC for my speed loads and all that good stuff.

Ragnarok Setup (04:53):
The Ragnarok, UBL, QLS, thigh strap combo really one of the most popular ways of running a pistol on a war belt these days in both the military and also for citizens, which is dope and even cops as well. But the UBL threaded through the inner belt that's inside the Orion belt. And so that's… Basically, what it ends up occurring is the inner belt comes out of the PALS webbing goes through the UBL and then dives back in to be contained by the PALS slots.

Conclusion (05:24):
And then I have my Cobra buckle, my metal tri-glide. And I can set, you know, how tight or how loose I want the belt to be. I had to loosen this a little bit based on how much stuff I'm wearing. And then if I'm not wearing all of these layers, then I'm obviously gonna tighten this down and I'll be good to go, but that's basically the Orion setup. We also have two little HK or ITW style clasps here on the front for Chemlights or your gloves or whatever else you wanna put there, your EarPro. I don't run stuff on these long (necessarily) long term. It's more of a convenience on the fly or, you know, your belt's there. You just wanna have your gloves attached to it. I usually prefer keeping that in my dump pouch. It's a little bit more protected than just having my gloves out here and then a bee gets inside of it. And then when you go to put 'em on, you sting yourself. And so, but, you know, use it your own risk, but we have those on there. If you guys like them and if you don't like them because they get in the way, because they sit here in the front of your legs, you can always just chop them off. Get rid of them put them on a… Use them for a sling or something. So you don't have to leave them on there if you don't want to, but that is the Orion belt. And if you guys have any questions, you can email us [email protected] and the guys will help you out.