T.REX Dump Pouch

Ships in 1-5 business days

Dump pouches are one of those things that may not seem necessary at the time. But when you’ve got one, you constantly use it! Dump pouches are not only for stowing empty magazines – most of the time they’re used for all sorts of other things. Full mags. Drinks. Snacks. Tape. Sharpies. Souvenirs. Evidence. Etc.

When we started designing this pouch, we didn’t just want to make another dump pouch. We wanted to improve upon the idea of a dump pouch. Made in the USA.

First off, we went with velcro attachment. Rather than attach the pouch to MOLLE, you simply velcro the pouch around the entire belt. Since the velcro attachment can break down, you don’t have to remove all your equipment to slide the pouch on. We also went with 4 inch wide fabric for better weight distribution, as apposed to many other pouches with only 3″.

Can this dump pouch be used on belts like the Ronin Senshi or other belts like the Orion?
Yep! The velcro hook on the flap helps a lot if you’re using a two-piece belt like the Ronin Senshi.

At the bottom of the pouch are two loops for threading the included shockcord thigh strap through. Why would you want a thigh strap for a dump pouch? Well, when you’ve got a fully-loaded dump pouch, the last thing you want is the entire pouch jumping around when you’re sprinting or doing other rigorous activities. Tying the pouch to your leg means it is more stable to your body, preventing it from having a mind of its own.

Will your bigger thigh strap for the Ragnarok fit the loops at the bottom?
Negative. We tested larger thigh straps with the pouch and it wasn’t necessary. A smaller shock cord loop gets the job done, is cheaper, and gets in the way less.
Do I have to use the shock cord leg strap?
Nope. The pouch functions just like a standard dump pouch.
Can I fold the pouch up if the bungee leg strap is threaded through the loops at the bottom?
Yes, it’ll simply poke out the sides of the pouch some. We recommend buckling the thigh strap before rolling it up.
The opening of the pouch features a cap to prevent contents from spilling out, still allowing your hand to easily scoop inside.