Safariland QLS Receiver Plate

Ships in 1-5 business days

The Safariland QLS is a battle-proven, quick-attach system which can be used with our Ragnarok holster or any Safariland duty holster. QLS 22 Receiver and mounting hardware included.

Purchase the QLS Fork that inserts into the receiver plate here.

QLS Receiver with a UBL Mid Ride and Thigh Strap, and QLS Fork on a Light-compatibleRagnarok.
Ragnarok with a UBL Mid Ride, Thigh Strap, QLS Fork and QLS Receiver.
Full rig disassembled to show the QLS Fork and Receiver.
Full QLS + UBL Rig
UBL Mid Ride, Receiver, Fork, and Ragnarok