Safariland QLS Receiver Plate

Ships in 1-8 business days

The Safariland QLS is a battle-proven, quick-attach system that can be used with our Ragnarok holster or any Safariland duty holster. This Receiver Plate attaches to a Mid Ride UBL, Safariland Paddle, or Safariland Belt Slide. Then a Fork can be attached to the holster and clipped into place.

Purchase the QLS Fork that inserts into the receiver plate here.

Includes Safariland hardware for mounting to a UBL (or CUBL).
If you want to run a thigh strap with the UBL + QLS Plate combo,
use the hardware provided with the thigh strap.
If ordered with all the parts for the “Complete Ragnarok Setup”, we will install it to the UBL + thigh strap for you so your holster is ready to roll right out of the box.
How does a Quick Locking System compare to other mounting options?
We have a quick overview of all the mounting solutions we offer HERE, showcasing what each one provides. Our favorite solution is what we call “The Complete Ragnarok Setup” — which we cover in-depth HERE.

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