MARS Pistol Mag Carrier


When you need maximum accessibility for spare mags, the MARS is an excellent option. Similar to the Ragnarok series of holsters, the MARS is precision-formed from .125 Kydex. This makes the mag carrier extremely rugged and a worthwhile option for direct action applications. The MARS features an extremely modular hole pattern on the backside allowing various attachments to be used or for the angle of the mag carrier to be adjusted to the user’s preferences. The screws on the side of the carrier can be adjusted to modify the retention.

The hole pattern on the back allows the mounting of Tek-Loks and the Safariland ELS system.

From left to right: 15-round Glock mag, 17-round, and 17 round with +2 OEM basepad.

Three MARS carriers attached to a Stormrider Gear Competition belt. Canted at various angles for maximum efficiency.

Angling MARS carriers means they can clear plate carriers and other LBE nicely. It also prevents them from jabbing into your kit when you sit in a vehicle. Pictured is a JPC with medium SAPIs.

While the double stack MARS was specifically designed for double stack 9/40 Glock magazines, it will also accept the following with adjustment of the screws (slight rock may remain):

M&P 9/40
P320 9/40
CZ P-07/09/10C
XDM 9/40

The MARS supports magazines either in a rounds rearward orientation, or rounds forward. We recommend you use it rounds forward for an index grip.

This mag carrier DOES NOT fit double stack .45 magazines or single stack magazines at this time. And traditional slim double stack 9mm mags (226, M9 for example) don’t fit snugly. We are planning on making other models of the MARS.

We recommend the Tek-Lok for attaching the MARS to competition and duty belts.