Orion Fully-Kitted Warbelt

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Shopping for belt setups can be confusing. But we’ve made it easy with the Orion Fully-Kitted Warbelt. We’ve pre-assembled our go-to belt setup so you can simply purchase an entire rig, take it out of the box, and put it to use. No assembly is required.

Ranger Green / Black Trim Fully-Kitted Orion. Black Thigh Strap.

Fully-Kitted Warbelt Components

Each Fully-Kitted Warbelt is comprised of the following products. Information about each one can be found on each product’s page:

1 Orion Belt 4.0
1 Orion Inner Belt
1 Esstac KYWI Double Pistol Pouch
1 Esstac KYWI 556 Pouch
1 Dump Pouch
1 MED1 Carrier (FULL) with CAT TQ
1 Safariland Mid Ride UBL + QLS Plate + Thigh Strap

These are set up for right-handed shooters only, and some adjustments may be preferable to fit your exact needs. If you want a belt rig for 9mm/.40 pistol mags, a .223/5.56 mag, some medical essentials, and a dump pouch, this is the setup for you. We’ve arranged the attachments as we prefer to use them.

Note: A holster is not included with this. You will need to purchase a holster with a Safariland QLS Fork attachment to interface with this setup. We’re fans of our Ragnarok holster with a QLS Fork, which, when ordered together, is assembled for you as well. If you require a level two or three retention holster, we recommend Safariland holsters with the QLS Fork for that.
Coyote Fully-Kitted Orion.
Multicam Fully-Kitted Orion. Mags not included. Coyote Thigh Strap.
Black Fully-Kitted Orion.
Attachments on the left side of the Orion begin with the KYWI Double Pistol Pouch, mounted by default on molle slot 2/3. This places your pistol mags at the 10-11 o’clock position and your rifle mag at the 9-10 o’clock position, which is ideal for reloading and slinging your rifle when transitioning to pistol.
Attachments on the right side of the Orion begin with the Safariland Mid Ride UBL / QLS Plate / Thigh Strap combo, mounted by default on molle slot 3/4. This places the holster at the ideal 2-3 o’clock position.
Can the setup be modified before purchasing?
You’ll need to do that on your own. Because we think this is the ideal setup, we make all of the belts identical. Making minor changes on our end would take a considerable amount of time so we leave the tweaking up to you.
What size are the belts?
Medium fits roughly 30-34. Large fits roughly 34-38.
What color is the inner belt?
The Inner Belt for each Orion is matching. Coyote Fully-Kitted Orion has a Coyote Orion Inner Belt. Multicam Fully-Kitted Orion has a Multicam Orion Inner Belt. And so forth.
Remember to remove the plastic from the CAT TQ (attached to the bottom of the MED1 Pouch).

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