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Glock 9/40 Ragnaroks WILL NOT fit
Gen 5 .40 caliber Glocks or P80 frames.
Click here for more specifics on model fit.
For the light-compatible version of this holster, click here.
If you order a Safariland attachment separately from your Ragnarok, you will need to request a “Ragnarok Hardware Pack” in your customer notes. However, no hardware pack is needed if you order the items together—we’ll assemble them for you before shipping.

The Ragnarok holster (outside-the-waistband) was made to be extremely modular, tough, modern, and fast. Made from heavy-duty .125 precision-formed Kydex, it is quite the beast of a holster. While it is a passive-retention holster (no hood/strap/button to deactivate the holster), it features adjustable retention using screws along the edge of the holster. While not necessary for maintaining retention, all Ragnarok holsters can accommodate slide mounted optics, threaded barrels, suppressor height sights < .600″, and select compensators.

The main thing that makes the Ragnarok unique is the modular hole pattern on the back that accommodates a variety of mounting options from Safariland, G-Code, Blackhawk, Blade-Tech, S&S Precision, and more. It can be used for competition/range/duty use with paddles, offset mounts, or leg rigs.

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One T.REX Ragnarok Holster. (Attachment must be ordered separately.)

If you add an attachment to your cart when purchasing the holster, we will install it for you before we ship it so your holster is ready to roll right out of the box.

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*Glock 9/40 models fit all double-stack 9mm/.40 caliber Glocks, except .40 Gen 5. We recommend the Glock 17-Length Ragnarok for the Glock 19/19X/45. The Glock Gen 5 9/40 17-Length mold also fits: Shadow Systems MR920 and DR920 and Lone Wolf Timberwolf Frame. The ZEV OZ9 WILL NOT work with Non-Light Compatible Glock molds, but they WILL work in Gen 5 Light Compatible Ragnaroks with a light attached.

*SIG P320 Fits Compact, Carry, Full-size, all AXG, and X-Frame/Legion variants (XCompact, XCarry, XFull, X-Vtac). X-Five/X-Five Legion also fits with some slide protrusion. Gas pedal style takedown levers and Sub-compact grip modules with rounded trigger guards are NOT compatible.

*SIG P226/MK25/P220/P229 fits railed pistols only. The older West German frame style P220/226 (longer trigger guard, 2″ inside front to back) is not compatible.

*1911 Ragnarok will only fit GI profile and Springfield Operator (no full rail).

*CZ P-10 Ragnarok is cut to the P-10F length, but will fit the P-10C and P-10S as well.

Walther PDP fits the 4″, 4.5″, and 5″ PDP Fullsize/Compact models. The holster itself is cut for the 4.5″ so you will have some slide protrusion on the 5″ variants.

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I’m new to guns, which holster should I get?
Before you search our site for your new holster, you need to decide on your gun, weapon light, and carry position. You can read more about what to consider in our guide article HERE.
What belt attachment should I get?
We have a quick overview of all the mounting solutions we offer HERE, showcasing what each one provides. Our favorite solution is what we call “The Complete Ragnarok Setup” — which we cover in-depth HERE. If you think you already know what you want, click here to pick it out and put it in your cart.

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