Orion Inner Belt

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The Orion Outer Belt requires a inner belt to function. We at T.REX ARMS have designed our own inner belt to perfectly accompany the Orion. This belt features an easily adjustable size capability, avoiding a common inner belt difficulty: velcro-fastening belts that can make changing the size… a bit tricky. With our heavy duty metal tri-glide, it is A LOT easier to adjust on the fly.

Select the same size inner belt as the belt sleeve you order, for best fit. We build these inner belts with some extra length for adjustment. If your body doesn’t need the extra length, just trim the extra and burn the edge. It is 1.75″ wide.

Orion Outer BeltOrion Inner Belt
Medium36″ (21 panels)29″-46″
Large40″ (24 panels)35″-52″
This is NOT an every-day-carry belt to be worn in regular pant belt loops. It is sized larger than EDC belts so it can fit inside a warbelt effectively. For a good EDC option, check out our Nova Belt here.
What size belt should I get?
Our Orions DO NOT follow normal pants sizing. You’ll need to measure yourself before ordering. Click here for instructions and sizing specs.
The Orion Inner can be weaved through the Orion Outer Sleeve.
Black and Coyote Brown Inner Belts woven in Orion Outer Belts.
This belt is NOT weight-rated, and doesn’t have a D-ring for rappelling. If you require an inner belt for safety lines or rappelling, there are a number of good options made by other companies.
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Coyote Inner Belt shown with Orion Outer Belt and Thigh Strap.

Made in the USA.

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