Sidecar Pistol Mag Attachment Overview

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Video Transcript

So with the Sidecar holster system, the most commonly used attachment is going to be the pistol mag carrier for those that want to carry extra pistol ammunition. And the way that you assemble that is by putting the attachment and the holster together with the spine system. Taking the pin and inserting it partway. And then in this empty spot, running the rubber washer. This is the most important part of the system because it retains the pin. And then pushing that the rest of the way in. And now it is complete.

Now it's very important that after you get your holster set up the way that you want, that you get the retention exactly how you would like it. So that's going to involve adjusting the retention on the pistol for the holster side, and then adjusting the retention for the magazine side. There are five different attachment points, five different adjustment points here with these different screws. The most important are these two. These let you get the tightness on your magazine. For Glock magazines, you can also get some extra retention on the magazine catch with this screw right here. But I will warn you, if you tighten this down too much it's gonna be hard to get this pin out. So if you're having trouble getting the pin out, you can just loosen that a little bit for disassembly. And it's always easier to push the pin down because as soon as you are past that rubber washer, it's very easy to pull it out.

Now, one of the other things that you can do with the pistol mag, adjustment-wise, if you want to run larger magazines—for example, I personally like the top of my magazine to be roughly level with the slide of my pistol—and with the spine system of the new Sidecar you can actually run that down a notch or two and assemble it exactly where you want it to be. Now, as soon as you move this down so far, you're probably also gonna need to move these belt clips here so that they're in line with your belt. But now you have a system that is adjustable for retention, but also for ride heights of different accessories. And if you have any questions about the magazine carrier attachment, different mag compatibilities, and adjustment, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team at [email protected] and they'll be able to help you out.