Sidecar Spine Replacement Hardware

Ships in 1-8 business days

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Spine replacement hardware will not be available
for purchase until November (tentatively).
We’d encourage you to join the waitlist
if you would like to be notified when we stock them.

Lose your Sidecar Spine pin? Lose those rubber friction washers? We have you covered. This is a hardware pack containing one pin and three friction washers.

Different Sidecar models require different pin lengths. To get the correct replacement pin for your holster, count the number of notches (and/or teeth) on your holster and select the corresponding option from the dropdown menu. If you are wanting to run two attachments together, choose the smallest option (6 Notches / 7 Teeth).

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One Sidecar Spine Pin and three friction washers.

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Pin is constructed from machined steel with a black oxide coating.

Pin lengths:
3.25″ – 6 Notches (7 Teeth)
3.75″ – 7 Notches (8 Teeth)
4.25″ – 8 Notches (9 Teeth)

Washers: 0.25″ x 0.40″ (OD) x 0.22″ (ID) , before assembly.

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