The Open Source Sidecar Spine System

The Sidecar Spine System was developed with open-source capabilities in mind, partly because we didn’t want to patent something as simple as a basic hinge, but mostly because we believe that the Spine System is a design that finally combines the best aspects of both rigid and flexible Sidecar-style holsters. It allows rotation on one axis, which provides comfort, but is extremely rigid on all others, for better concealment. Furthermore, the integrated hinge is simpler, sleeker, and far more modular than other existing connector options.

To that end, we tried to build the design around as many off-the-shelf tools and parts as possible, both to support our end users and other manufacturers. For example, the hinge pin has a diameter of 0.25″ and the hinge teeth are 0.25″ with 0.25″ gaps. Individual Kydex attachments can be made with hand tools, and the Spine also interfaces well with plastic parts, like our Raptor Wing, or certain textiles, like our Tourniquet Holder.

So, we are releasing some prints showing all the dimensions in the Sidecar Spine standard that our holsters will be held to, and some 3D files of different parts. It should be enough to get anyone started on the unlimited expansion that we believe this product is capable of, and hopefully encourage other makers to adopt and build on our design.

Go build something cool that helps people carry and use the tools that they need.