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T.REX 5” Elastic Cell Cummerbund


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The 5″ Elastic Cell Cummerbund is an improved version of the standard 4″ Elastic Cummerbund on the AC1. The 5″ elastic provides more stability and comfort, while the pull tab loops allow you to secure important items. 

The 5″ Elastic Cell Cummerbund also features the exact cell sizing as the 4″ Elastic Cummerbund. We commonly refer to these cell sizes as Small, Medium, and Large, with the Small cell being 2.5″, the Medium cell being 3″, and the Large cell being 4″. These staggered cell sizes allow the user to accommodate a wider variety of gear than your standard triple 5.56 cummerbund commonly found on the market. Much like the 4″ Elastic Cummerbund, you can reverse the cummerbund to position the Small cell in the front or the Large cell in the front, depending on your loadout and intended use.

The Small cell will accommodate smaller items such as small radios, knives, flashlights, multitools, etc. The Medium cell works great with AR/M4 pattern magazines and larger radios. Finally, the Large cell will accommodate our ITRK EDC and Expanded medical kits, .308/6.5 DMR magazines, and other large items. One notable difference from the 4″ Elastic Cummerbund is the loops at the bottom of each cell. To compensate for the extra elastic, the loops were reduced on both the Small and Medium cells to keep items from sinking too far into the cummerbund. However, on the Large cell, the loop was kept the same size, effectively making this pouch 1″ deeper than it was on the 4″ Elastic Cummerbund, which we found helpful when running taller items.


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  • T.REX 5″ Elastic Cell Cummerbund Pair

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  • Each cummerbund features 3 cells in varying sizes (shown below).
  • Fully reversible, allowing you to run the large cell in the front.
  • Constructed from 5″ tall elastic for added stability and comfort.
  • The body side pull tab loop is internal, reducing hotspots and discomfort.
  • Pull tab compatible.
  • One size fits most.

Made in the USA.

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