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T.REX Raptor Claw


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A Raptor Claw is pre-installed on every Sidecar holster, but if you need to replace it, you can pick one up here.

The Raptor Claw is a unique accessory that improves concealment for our inside-the-waistband Sidecar holster. It is attached facing outwards from the body and makes contact with the belt, driving the firearm grip into the body at a more concealable angle.

The Raptor Claw comes installed on the back of the holster, but if you’re still having printing issues, it can be moved to the front of the holster.


One T.REX Raptor Claw with hardware (two .375″ posts, two .375″ washers, and two .500″ screws).


1″ hole spacing. Made from high-strength acetal plastic. Made in the USA.

View the Sidecar Hardware Diagram HERE.

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