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Suppressed pistols are pretty awesome, but holstering them has always been a challenge. One of the main problems with suppressor-compatible holsters is how to draw. Some require you to tip the pistol forward before drawing. Some require a super-long draw stroke. Consistent training is very important to us. So we wanted to develop a suppressor holster with the same draw stroke you’d get from a regular Ragnarok. That holster is the RagnarokSD.

The Ragnarok does not come with a belt attachment. Click here to get whatever mounting solution you need (belt loops are not compatible with the RagnarokSD).

NOTE: Due to the varying trigger guard sizes of pistols, we are offering the RagnarokSD in different models to ensure maximum coverage of the trigger. Check the charts below to see which model Type is best for your pistol.

NOTE: This holster DOES NOT work for pistols without weapon lights attached. The retention is based on the light.

NOTE: We have no plans to make this holster for Inforce lights as it’s hard to get good retention using them. We may produce a TLR-1 in future, but we cannot confirm that at this time.

NOTE: While this holster will fit a pistol without a suppressor, we don’t recommend it. The pistol can tip out of the holster more than we would like. The stabilizer wings at the bottom of the holster when pressing against a suppressor prevent the weapon from being able to be tipped forward.

The RagnarokSD is an open-front holster design constructed of .125″ Kydex. On the back is the super-modular Ragnarok hole pattern which allows you to run Bladetech, Safariland, Blackhawk, or G-CODE accessories. At the bottom of the RagnarokSD are our unique stabilizer wings. These wings are modified by the user to fit their specific suppressor/firearm combination. The wings increase stability and prevent the pistol from falling forward out of the holster, which can be a common problem with open-front holster designs.

The RagnarokSD is currently only compatible with the Surefire X300U and X300V. It will fit the A and B versions of both models of lights. The holster was developed specifically for Glocks, but fits a variety of other suppressor hosts equipped with the X300U/X300V. However, we haven’t tested every firearm on the market to verify fit.

Glock 19/17/34/45 (and .40/.357)
Glock 21/20
Glock 30/29
CZ P-10 C
HK P30
HK P2000
Springfield XD, XD Mod.2, XDM
Walther PPQ
Beretta M9
CZ P-01
CZ SP-01
CZ P-07/09
FN 509
HK 45
HK USP9 with MR09 rail
Sig MK25
Sig P229
Sig P320
S&W M&P series

The ribs on the front offer strength to help prevent the holster from flexing open in the front.
RagnarokSDs set up as thigh rigs with Safariland UBLs, thigh straps, and the QLS system.
Glock 19 with Trijicon Suppressor sights and Gemtech Tundra.
Glock 19 with Trijicon RMR and Surefire Ryder in the short configuration.
Something to keep in mind is that suppressed pistols start to get rather long. Kneeling or working from other ground positions could cause the suppressor to hit the ground and potentially pop the pistol from the holster. Pictured is a Glock 19 with Surefire Ryder in the short configuration.
Kneeling prone with the RagnarokSD is easy.

Mounted to an Orion belt.