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The Ragnarok does not come with a belt attachment.
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The Ragnarok holster was made to be extremely modular, tough, modern, and fast. Made from heavy duty .125 precision-formed Kydex, it is quite the beast of a holster. While the Ragnarok is a passive-retention holster (no hood/strap/button to deactivate the holster), it features adjustable retention using screws along the edge of the holster.

Black Glock Ragnarok with a Trijicon RMR. All Ragnaroks are optic compatible. Nearby is a Pact Club shot timer.
A Glock 19 in Glock 17 wolverine Ragnarok

To keep up with technology, every Ragnarok holster is made to accommodate slide-mounted optics, threaded barrels, as well as select compensators. However, the holster still performs perfectly even if you don’t run these.

(top from left) Belt Slide, Safariland UBL w/ QLS Receiver, Safariland UBL, and a black Thigh Strap.
(bottom from left) QLS Receiver, RTI Hanger, Belt Loops, and QLS Fork.

But the thing that makes the Ragnarok a very unique holster, is the modular hole system on the back that can accommodate a variety of mounting options, from simple belt loops to a whole QLS system. With regular belt loops, it puts the weapon very close to the body – good for concealment! Or, it can be run with paddles, offset mounts, leg rigs, you name it.

The Ragnarok is compatible with accessories from: Safariland, Bladetech, Blackhawk, G-Code, S&S Precision, and other mounting options, perhaps making it the most modular holster on the market.

For the light-compatible version of this holster, click here.

One possible but complete mounting system: VP9 Ragnarok, ranger green Thigh Strap, QLS Fork, QLS Receiver and Safariland UBL.
Ragnarok in four colors: (from left) Multicam Original, Wolverine Brown, Ranger Green, and Black.
Multicam Black on Grey Kydex.

*M&P also accommodates M&P 45 and Pro series pistols, which will protrude slightly. First generation and M2.0 pistols are supported, including the M2.0 Compact.

*SIG P320 covers Fullsize and Compact/Carry lengths. X-Five also fit with some slide protruding. Subcompact grip modules are NOT compatible.

*SIG P226/MK25/P220/P229 fits railed pistols only. The older West German frame style P220/226 (longer trigger guard, 2″ inside front to back) is not compatible.

Glock 19X in a Glock 17 wolverine Ragnarok, with a Safariland UBL, QLS Fork and Receiver, and coyote brown Thigh Strap.
Glock 19 in a Glock 34 Ragnarok with a Safariland UBL, QLS Fork and Receiver, ranger green Thigh Strap, and Orion war belt.

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