Adjusting AC1 Shoulder Straps

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Video Transcript

If y'all hadn't figured it out, it is (at least for us) warm out now. It's summer and typically speaking when we're filming and doing stuff and shooting and all that good stuff in the colder months, I typically have to loosen my shoulder pads a little bit because of all the extra layers and jackets and stuff. But I just put this plate carrier on a second ago and my rear bag was sagging pretty low, because I'm just wearing a t-shirt right now.

So I wanna show you guys how to adjust the AC1 shoulder pads. This is something/a gripe that I've had with a few other plate carriers out there on the market. They're not always very conducive when it comes to adjusting the plate carrier on the fly, you gotta do a bunch of crazy stuff. So first thing we're gonna do is establish roughly how much we need to adjust. I've already done one of them. Right now, I had the top side—So the velcro hook side— it was kind of mating up with where the cordura begins on the plate bag itself. I decided, you know what, I'm gonna try, you know, going over it about half an inch, just kind of raising the entire thing about half an inch.

So what we're gonna do is we're gonna rip it apart and match that about 1/2" and then we're gonna take the underside—So the the loop side—we're gonna fold it inwards. Tuck that underneath the… Or inside the shoulder pad. I've got the soft, cushy side facing underneath. Pull that forwards and then go up inside with my thumb. And I'm gonna pull—cuz you know, it's looped and turned under underside—Just gonna pull that on through. Sometimes it's a little easier, you can see the edge right there, just so you get all the way to the front. If you drag it on down. Boom. Center up the shoulder pad, like so. I usually keep one side of the cummerbund kind of hooked in place all though in this case, it's kind of all over the place,

Bring this one around and then I can see where the top plate is. This is pretty good right here. I can feel to the back. It's not bad. It could be a little higher, but on my body size, it's very hard to get them both very rarely at the same height. Usually they're a little bit like this. So the back as you could see is not bad. I could probably adjust it another half inch, which again, it's just gonna be going up in there and repeating the same process, but pretty fast, unlike some other plate carriers out there and that's one of the things we wanted to build into the AC1. And then the other thing is if (again, at the same time) your cummerbund needs to be adjusted. In this case, I have a Crye MBAV cummerbund. On this one, all you're gonna do is open the rear flap of the plate carrier, make your adjustment with your elastic cummerbund or whatever you're using. And then slap that back over and you're done so super fast. There's not a bunch of weaving things and, and going up underneath it's just, it's very accessible to get to all the parts and adjust it on the fly. And that's something that I wanted in a plate carrier because adjustments have to be made for maximum performance fairly often. So there you go.