Fully-Kitted T.REX Orion Warbelt Overview

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We’ve discontinued the Fully Kitted Orion (reasons are outlined in THIS VIDEO).

We encourage piecing together the belt yourself.This allows you to set it up to your specifications. You can find a video explaining how to set up your Orion HERE.

The kitted Orion is a one stop shop—war belt, battle belt, whatever sort of word you want to use—belt of gear that you can buy kitted out just like this, and right outta the box, have all your stuff more or less ready to go. Granted, there's going to be some assembly required on your part. And we're gonna talk about that.

So the kitted belt comes with—before we get into everything that I like to modify—comes with two… Double pistol ESSTAC KYWI pouch, single 5.56 rifle pouch (KYWI ESSTAC)—so both of these will be on your strong side—dump pouch (our dump pouch) with the thigh strap, if you wanna use that, it'll be inside the pouch. You can also roll the pouch up to make it a little more condensed or just take the entire pouch off completely. Our MED1 (medical pouch) it will come empty because parts right now are a little hard to source, but you guys can source the medical gear in all sorts of other places. Be very careful buying CAT tourniquets though. There's a lot of counterfeits out there for airsoft that will not save your life. They will break. So make sure you buy your tourniquets from reputable people. Other medical gear, pressure gauze and bandages and stuff like that. You can find a little easier. That's a little less counterfeit-ee. Big thing is the CAT tourniquet when it comes with this pouch is going to be sealed. I highly recommend you take it outta the packaging—It is in the packaging for liability reasons, when it ships from north American Rescue, when it ships from us—But you do not wanna leave it in the packaging where, you know, yes, it's protecting the tourniquet from the elements, but you need that off so you can actually deploy the tourniquet and use it. Pull it outta the packaging.

We have our UBL-QLS-thigh strap combo right here. So this will work on the majority of people, you know, whether you're getting the size medium or large belt. But what it's gonna… What you want it to look like is your QLS-UBL is right here on your strong side and your pistol mags and your rifle mag are going to be on the other side. As you can see, I'm pretty skinny. These two pistol mags are actually a little bit to the front of me, but that's okay. If it was more like this, that would be okay, but now the rifle mag is starting to get back here a little bit. I don't wanna go back too far. So again, you're gonna have to size this a little bit.

For the most part this placement, two MOLLE slots visible/two MOLLE slots visible is going to work for the majority of people. The size large belt might be a little different though. So I'm gonna have to size this myself to me. So all I have to do is take the triglide (the big, heavy-duty metal triglide) slide that all the way to the front, because I already know kind of what size I am with an Orion. Gonna take the rest of the tail, drag this all the way through—It's gonna be somewhere around here—run this through. You can chop the excess or wad it up, then duct tape it, do something cool. Or you can just let it, you know, just let it hang like a… Like it's your blue belt. Just like, huh. Tail. I usually chop it. This should be, this should be pretty close. Yeah, no, it's not. I gotta go even more. So here's a little trick.

If you need to tighten this down even more, I think that I actually have to do this for myself. So I'm showing you how I would take this and set it up for myself. So what I'm actually gonna do—Because I'm skinny, right? Some of you guys are too—So I'm actually going to pop the belt through this front panel and that's gonna give me a little more room To have the triglide here and the buckle right here on the edge. And people ask that like smaller people than myself ask like "oh no, the belt's bigger than I am." Well, if you overlap and you do this right here, you can get it to fit a little bit better. And I do… When you're wearing this belt, I highly recommend you make this belt tight. You do not want it to be loose around your waist. That's how you get it shifting around and moving around as you're running around and doing your stuff. So I have this right to the edge. That might be a little too tight, but we'll try it. We'll try it. Tail goes through and then tail goes through the triglide I honestly shouldn't do this part until I actually put it on.

Oh yeah. Okay. That is a whole lot better. We'll just go with that for now. So that's how I fit this to myself. So there's gonna be some sizing required. You could also, if you needed to get it even tighter, you could pull this whole section here closer down the belt, just grab the entire belt and pull it through the entire Orion. Couple little adjustments you can make. So a couple things that I like to do to my entire setup, if the kydex inserts feel a little tight with your PMAG and your pistol mags—depending on what pistol you're running—One thing that I actually do is I take a hair dryer and I actually heat these up. I literally just shoot air down there, loosen the kydex up, which this is just thermal molded kydex. And then I insert my magazine and get the retention that I want.

You need to be a little careful though, because if you do it too much, the tops will sort of flex in. And then it's a little bit hard to index the magazines into the pouches, but I'll do a little bit just to loosen 'em up slightly. Because Glock mags are pretty tight and rifle mags are pretty tight as well. There's another trick. If you have flush Glock 17 mags, which most of us do, unless you go and get extensions, which I highly recommend you'll see that very little of the mag pouches actually extended. So when it goes to actually indexing the mag, you don't have a lot of mag to grab. So a really fun trick that I love to do with these pouches. Nowadays, it's too expensive. You take a round and you literally drop it on the inside. This is what I used to do. And what that does is that gives me a little bit more mag height. I'm still getting good retention because the retention is right here on the magazine and I'm getting the mag a little bit taller for me to grab a little more accessible. But since ammo right now costs a fortune. You can do the same thing with a rock. You can just wedge a rock down there. These are 200 IQ plays. Rock. These aren't gonna be perfectly wedged. There we go. Couple little rocks in there. So now when I index my magazine,

I now have more mag height, but I still have good retention. This might be a little tall. I might wanna seat it in a little bit. Maybe switch out to a different rock. No, we do not sell rocks at T.REX ARMS, but this is a little trick just on the fly. If you don't have mag extensions to quickly give you a more accessible magazine. Rifle mag you don't have to do that as much. Obviously because so much of the mag is already exposed. That's why I like the short KYWIs. They also have mid-length and tall. But the short ones give you a lot of magazine. You can grab when you're going and doing your beer can and all that good stuff.

Thigh strap for the dump pouch. You can take outta the packaging, get it set up, run it through here. If you want to use that, I'm just gonna keep this folded up. The med one is empty. You could source the parts to fill it. We have the parts list on the med one product page. You can just copy that. Then you take the tray, that's included, fill it up, insert it back into the pouch and you're done. You could also take one of our ITRKs and throw it in there, but it's sealed. And so the speed of deploying it from this, which is already longer than just, you know, a med kit out in the open or in a backpack. And then you have to rip off the packaging. I don't recommend that so much set up this tray, if you can buy the gear to actually set this up properly so you can deploy it and use it quickly. Our cell holder, our large cell holder I really like. It fits right on here and what that does is that means I can have my sharpies or chemlights or whatever I want right here on the back of my dump pouch. If I'm not using anything there that's okay. It sits here ready to go.

The Orion features two HK style sling hooks right here on the front. What I like to do is on occasion, I'll have my gloves. So gloves that have a loop of course can then simply attach here. So this way I always have my gloves attached to my belt. One of our sling retainers, electrical tape, because I use electrical tape for everything. So I like to have that ready to go. Doesn't get in the way, have that. And then, Because this comes with the…oh shoot, I need to make sure this is center. The buckle doesn't have to be center right here, which now the mags are more to the front. So what I would do is I would pull this entire belt and get it more to the side. Yeah, that's what I would do.

So now I have my QLS right here. Go ahead and run the thigh strap again. You'll have to adjust the thigh strap. Oh shoot. That's tight. That's all right. Gloves are in front. I can then take any of my QLS holsters, the Safariland 6354DO, Glock 34 Ragnarok, or this Glock X300 Ragnarok and literally drop that right onto my QLS that I have ready to go. Definitely wanna snip that cuz you know, that's kind of in the way, stick it here for now. And now I have my Orion kitted out. So while we do sell it kitted out of the box, there are little modifications and little adjustments you will need to do to get it to fit and use for yourself. Sticking rocks in here, heating up the ESSTACs, you know, shifting the belt, sizing it appropriately, doing stuff to the med pouch, filling that up. But for the most part, you're good to go. So just a couple things that you should do hope that's helpful. If you have any other questions, go ahead and email us at [email protected] and our customer service team will help you out.