HESCO M210 Special Threat Plate Set Overview

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Well, if you've been following T.REX ARMS for any period of time, you know about the L210 special threat plate and we have kind of a new introduction here, a different option. And that's the M210 multi-curve. And one of the biggest difference about this is obviously you have a shooter's cut plate here and you have a SAPI cut here. And with multi-curve versus single curve, there's a lot of different pros to having a multi-curve plate. One of them being comfort, another one being concealability. Now these plates, both the L210 and the M210 do not have any backing to them as far as comfort, kind of like the 3810s. And so what we recommend is either soft armor's a great backer, but also we have these foam backers, which kind of, comfort's awesome and airflow also really helps. So definitely check these out. They're great to be paired with this.

So let's get in a little bit more detail about the difference between a single curve and a multi-curve plate. And not only that, but the different cuts that these plates have. One of these is actually a shooter's cut and then the other one is a SAPI. So if we look at the L210—L210 is a shooter's cut, meaning that there's a little bit more taken off the edge here. It allows you to kind of maybe find a little bit better position for your buttstock. But other than that, it just has one curve. It's a single curve. This one however is the more traditional kind of SAPI cut, but it has multiple curves, as you might have guessed. Mind blowing, I know. But what we're gonna talk about next is the comfort that this generates as well as the concealability for the M210 over the L210.

Okay guys, so now I'm wearing the L210s in kind of a slick concealed setup. And what I want you guys to look at is this: There's a weird little hunchback or turtle shell going on back here and that actually, I'll show you in a second, what the multi-curve plates do. They really help kind of suck that in. The other thing is, because this is kind of like one curve, the cummerbund is really putting all the pressure around like my stomach and my solar plexus. So I do think that these are more comfortable, but because I'm going for concealability, obviously I'm not using the foam. So the foam will definitely help with a little bit of cushion in there.

Okay, so now that we've looked at the AC1 setup, nice and slick with L210s, I'm gonna switch over to the M210s and let's see what it does for comfort and concealability. All right guys, so now I have the M210s in the AC1, nice slick setup and as you can see, there is significantly less Quasimodo going on here. And you know, one trick that people used to use is like using hoodies back here, but with these, this is gonna be a lot less noticeable if you're trying to, you know, wear body armor slick underneath t-shirts and stuff, for personal security, whatever it is. Just not being noticed. Not only that guys, but these are significantly more comfortable. It form fits a lot better. So the cummerbund is kind of more equally distributed across my chest. So for sitting, for doing stuff in vehicles, stuff like that, multi-curve really is a lot more comfortable.

All right guys, now you know a little bit more about the M210 that we are starting to offer. And keep in mind they offer the exact same threat protection as the L210. So if you want a little bit more comfortable, concealable option, the M210 might be just for you. If you want more details about threat protection or what the plates are actually capable of doing check out the product page. There's tons of details there for you guys on the specifics of what rounds they'll stop and defeat.

If you have any questions about the M210, feel free to contact our customer service team at [email protected] and they will get you guys all squared away and taken care of.