SureFire M640U Scout Light PRO Overview

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Video Transcript

New PRO Mounting System (00:00)
The new PRO series of SureFire light are pretty cool. Now there's really only one difference to these lights. They have a new product name. This is the M640U, but ultimately this ends up being a M600 Ultra that has a new mounting interface.

So what I wanna show you guys is essentially what SureFire has done is they've moved away from their traditional two-hole pattern on the bottom of the light, which accepts all kinds of aftermarket accessories, you know, out there—the Lightbar, Arisaka, all sorts of different things. And they've gone to this swively-dealy to mount the light itself. Now, the cool thing is when you buy one of these newer lights, it comes with both a M-LOK, swiveler attachment, and a standard 1913 Picatinny. So you don't have to go out and buy certain accessories. You're good to go right out of the box.

Mounting the Light (Left Side) (00:47)
So what I wanna show you guys is how this mount mounts to a rifle and some of the benefits of this style of mounting system over the traditional two-hole. So in this case, I have the 1913 attached and the light is currently set up in this configuration to probably sit on the right-hand side of the gun, to put the light in the upwards position along, you know, the top end of your rail. But in this case, I'm gonna be mounting it to the left side of the gun, where my thumb would actually want to articulate the button. And what I wanna show you guys… We'll mount it here to the end. Unfortunately, my laser's already mounted. So getting in here could be a little tricky.

What I can do with the new SureFire PRO is, on a quad rail specifically, I can rotate this light all the way into that sort of space in between both rails and kind of keep the light protected and also keep the light more streamlined to the entire gun itself, as you can see right here. Now in this configuration, the pressure switch is not in a very intuitive position. I'd wanna, you know, probably do this on the other side, run a rear host, and then run a pressure pad up here underneath the laser. But in this case, as you can see, super streamlined and I can swivel it all around wherever I want.

And then when I have my, you know, where I want the light to be positioned, all I have to do is take my screwdriver and tighten on the front of the swivel. There is a flathead bolt, and I'm just going to tighten that down. And now it's not going to be wobbling all over the place and moving all around. Now I could loosen it a little bit and then I could, you know, actually pull it out and push it back with a little more force. But normally that's not something I want to happen. I want the light to be in its position and I'm going to tighten that sucker down.

Mounting the Light (Right Side) (02:36)
Now let's show it on the other side. To move the light to the other side we're simply going to take that flathead bolt that we used earlier to tighten the light to the gun. And we're gonna… We're gonna loosen that all the way, so counterclockwise. You're gonna have separation from light from mount, and then you're just gonna flip the light, ensure that that doesn't fall out. There's a little… The small little piece that this screws into. Actually, I think it's a dimpled… it's like a roll pin, so it won't come out… Then we're gonna screw this back on. And there we go, we flipped the light around.

So now if I take my 14.5 here, or actually, no, we'll keep doing it on this side. Now, when I mount to the gun, now I can swivel the light into my LA-5 and keep it nice and tucked together in a simple package. But as you can see, it's all also really loose right now. So all I'm gonna do is take the screwdriver, come down to the center, tighten that bolt that's in the PRO mount. Set where I want my light. I want it away from my windage knob though, on the LA-5 slightly. A little more.

And there we go. I can set exactly how offset the light is from the rail in relation to the light. I can now activate very easily. And then if I need to move it to the other side and tuck it underneath this rail, if I ever want to swap it up later, I can do so. If you want to mount your PRO series light to traditional mounts out there, such as the Lightbar, we also have a Lightbar adapter, which will simply interface with the PRO mounting slot (so the hole basically) and that will allow you to use traditional two-hole SureFire mounting attachments, such as the Arisakas, Lightbars, and all kinds of other stuff out there—S&S precision, you know cool… Cool… Rad things like that. But otherwise the mounts that come out of the package for the PRO light, get the job done on most guns, for M-LOK and for Picatinny. And you're good to go.

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