Surefire Scout SR07 Pressure Pad

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The SR Remote Dual Switch provides remote activation for any SureFire WeaponLight with a switch socket. Two switches—a momentary-on pressure pad switch and a constant-on pushbutton switch—are integrated with a snap-on clamp for easy attachment to your firearm’s Picatinny rail forend. The SR07 has a 7-inch cable which works with most rifle/carbine applications.

We recommend taping or zip-tying the SR07 to your carbine for added value.

SR07 attached to a DS00 rear cap.
SR07 attached to a standard rear cap host.
Mounted to a BCM KMR behind a MAWL.
Set up on a 300BLK MCX.
Attached to a SCAR 16.
These are the pressure pads compatible with the Rear Cap host and the DS00.