SureFire Scout UE Tailcap for Pressure Pad

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Replace your Scout Light’s rear push-button cap assembly with this UE tailcap in order to attach a SureFire pressure switch. Lock-out feature positively prevents activation during tactical operations, transportation, or storage. Made from aerospace aluminum, Mil-Spec Type III hard-anodized. Available in Black or Desert Tan.


One SureFire UE Tailcap for Scout Light WeaponLights (Tan or Black).

Does NOT include ST07 tape switch.

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Replacement rear cap assembly for Scout Lights. Requires remote tape switch.

Feature list:
– Fits Scout Light WeaponLights and flashlights with .75″ diameter switch, including E1E-HA, E1B, E1L-HA-WH, E2D-BK, E2DL-BK, E2L-HA-WH and L4-HA-WH
– Aerospace grade aluminum construction
– MilSpec Type III hard-anodized in Black or Desert Tan
– Lock-out feature prevents accidental activation during transport or storage

View the Universal Scout Light User Manual & Configurator HERE.

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(Left) We’ve got black and tan. Perfect for you OCD types. (Right) M300C + SR07 Pressure Pad + UE Tailcap.

(Left) M600U on Block II. (Right) M300C on 416.

(Left) Top to bottom, the pressure pads compatible with the UE Tailcap: SR09-D-IT, SR07-D-IT, SR07, ST07.
(Right) ATPIAL-C Laser, M600V , M300V, X300V, SR09-D-IT, DS00 Tailcap, UE Tailcap, and SR07.

(Right) M600U with Dual Pressure Pad and PEQ15.

(Left) M300V + ST07 Pressure Pad in LCS + UE Tailcap. (Right) All assembled.

(Left) M600V + Dual Pressure Pad + UE Tailcap + ATPIALc. (Right) All assembled.

M600U with an ST07 Mini Pad on an MP5.

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