Lightbar Scout Mount

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A common problem with weapon lights once you start running a suppressor: Suppressor shadow. A large, oblong shadow obscuring a large percentage of your light spill. You lose some situational awareness and it splashes light off the side of your suppressor, turning it into a mini-Lightsaber. The Lightbar was designed to extend Scout-style lights further down the rail, cantilevered over suppressors. This puts the weapon-light bezel more in-line with the end of the suppressor. Thus, eliminating suppressor shadow and splash off the can. Currently available for Mlok and Keymod rails.

Short guns can also get cluttered up quickly with pressure pads, weapon lights, IR lights, and IR lasers. Being able to extend the light further off the rail allows for more room on the rail.

The Lightbar is compatible with: Surefire Scout lights, Modlite, Arisaka. The Lightbar is compatible with some Streamlight weapon lights – only models compatible with Scout style mounts.


Picatinny version in development (no ETA). Made in the USA by Arisaka Defense. Available exclusively through T.REX ARMS.

Lightbar with large body Modlite attached to a 8″ PDW rail on a 10.5″ MCX. Surefire mini RC2.
Can I shoot with the Lightbar and my light overhanging my muzzle device if I take my suppressor off?
Yes. Modern weapon lights and the Lightbar can take concussion and carbon like a champ. Just clean your bezel if carbon starts to cloud it.
What all suppressors are compatible with the Lightbar?
Some of this will depend on the rail you are using and how slim it is. But we have fit KAC/Surefire cans with Midwest Industries Combat rails, which is one of the slimmest rails on the market. Depending on rail/suppressor combination, you may have to remove the Lightbar to take the can off. We have not tested every configuration possible.
Lightbar on a MCX-SD rail fitting a small-body Modlite.
Keymod version on a gen 1 MCX rail.
Many suppressors can be removed with the Lightbar still attached. Shooting can then continue as Surefire/Modlite/Arisaka lights can take the abuse.
Where the Lightbar really shines is on folding guns. Position the light on the same side as the stock, forward enough to fit your support hand, and boom: ready to go.
Lightbar with large-body Modlite and Surefire RC2.
Lots of room for the support hand on this small 8″ MCX handguard.
MCX-SD + Lightbar with small body Modlite. A large body Modlite would put the light flush with the suppressor.

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