T.REX Ragnarok Holster Overview

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Video Transcript

Introduction and Setup (00:00):
So let's go over the setup for a T.REX ARMS Ragnarok. Now I have our Orion belt, which is a traditional over belt setup, which is still relevant for all sorts of different things. But in particular, wearing cold weather clothing, I've got PCU pants on, a big fleece hoodie. My two piece belt underneath is not necessarily exposed to running something little and slick. So I can take this Orion belt. I literally slap that on top of what I'm wearing and not create any gaps in my, you know, warm clothing, which is very warm. But let's talk about the Ragnarok itself. So our favorite way of running the Ragnarok is on a war belt, such as the Orion, an over belt setup or something like a two piece belt. We utilize the Safariland UBL, which has a 2" belt slot that will interface with the inner belt of your outer belt, such as this one, such as the Orion or it… The entire belt itself of a two piece belt. That's gonna weave through, weave back at out, and then you're gonna attach your Cobra buckle and you're good to go. For the most part. The two piece belts on the market are 1 3/4", sometimes 1 1/2". I much prefer a 1 3/4" as it prevents slop with the UBL quite as much. And then obviously the thickness of the two piece belt is going to help with that as well. What we're gonna use to swap out our various whole holsters, and this is, you know, you may not need this. If you're not running lots of different guns, lots of different weapon lights, you may not need the ability to swap lots of holsters back and forth, because it does cost a little bit of extra money, like $30. But we use the Safariland QLS. Again, Safariland because they make great stuff (unless it's the 7,000 series) but the QLS right here is one of the best in my opinion systems for retaining the holster to the entire system producing minimal offset but also allowing the holster to be changed relatively quickly and also maintaining durability. There's a few other systems out there that are a little more wobbly, a little more janky and the QLS is just proven to be the most effective for what we've been looking for as a company. So basically the way it works is when you go to T.REX ARMS and you buy a Ragnarok and you add to the cart, UBL, QLS, thigh strap. So it's UBL, QLS female, thigh strap, QLS male. We've put it all together for you, which is not something a lot of people will realize until all of a sudden their first order from T.REX ARMS arrives and boom, it's all done.

Wearing the Holster (02:27):
So all you're gonna have to do is put this on your belt, on your standard belt that you're wearing, on your war belt and then take your holster and literally interface the two little pointy ends here into the slot. This isn't… This is not an instructional video. You guys know how it works. It's clicked into place. I like to do a pull, you know… Push-pull tug, push tug like you would do inserting a rifle magazine into a Carbine. To remove the Ragnarok. I'm very simply going to pinch both of the the ears, I guess, or whatever we're gonna call these. I can come up with some tactical word real quick, but and then the whole thing slides off and then we can add our rag SD for all of our suppressed Splinter Cell needs. Sick, pretty rad or, "oh, I just wanna run a standard Ragnarok, no light for my competition. You know, whatever pistol or maybe I just can't afford a light quite yet. I'm just starting out." You need a holster to go train at the range. And then when I wanna swap out over to something else, I'm good to go, but that's more or less how the Ragnarok works. It has adjustable retention just to go over the holster, adjustable retention on the sides. I do recommend you play with this. There are people out there who say "oh yeah the guns fall out of Ragnroks. Use Ragnarok your gun's gonna fall right out of it." Well, not if you adjust the screws properly if you just throw your holster… Your pistol in there right out of the box yeah the retention may not be tight enough to actually retain your pistol. Some people wanna have looser retention because they're not running in gunning.

Retention (03:54):
They're starting their course of fire, literally, from the draw, like in a USPSA or IDPA. So you're not having to worry as much about retention on the pistol. So I highly recommend when you get the holster, you actually play with the screws because I haven't had a pistol fly out at my Ragnarok in years because I've actually tightened down my screws and actually pay attention to them. Make sure they don't come loose with time. And we're good to go. If you wanna swap out the accessory, the QLS and go to something such as a Blade-Tech, a paddle, you know, whatever. We have a hole pattern on the back that supports. I probably can't say all the companies out there because I'm sure there's some weird ones now that have come out, but more or less all of the major AAA holster accessory companies, you know, Blade-Tech, G-Code, Safariland, some of the other ones out there. So you can attach whatever you want here and you'll be good to go, but that is T.REX ARMS Ragnarok.