T.REX GP Pouch Overview

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Video Transcript

If you want to carry some additional equipment with your Ready Rig, or maybe on top of your AC1 or on top of something like this Esstac 5.56 Placard or anything that has a Velcro loop field in the front, we make this handy dandy little GP pouch. It's basically a clutch purse, basically with Velcro on it. And you can then put all kinds of accessories inside. And there's Velcro on the front for all of your horrible morale patches and you know, other weird stuff.

But there's one thing about this pouch that we added on that makes a pretty big difference when you start putting it on the exterior of your kit. And that is these little wings on the side. So instead of having the Velcro stop at the edge of the pouch, which generally means that the entire outside is going to kind of flare outwards and then snag on stuff and pull the entire pouch off, these little wings—and I'm gonna put it just directly on top of my AC1 cummerbund here—is going to help keep the pouch secure to my kit. Cuz as you can see, if I'm trying, you know, if something's trying to catch on the side of the pouch, it can't because these are pulling that seam down nice and tight. And that's a pretty big deal if you are wearing this on the outside of your kit—not like inside of a, you know, a medic bag or something like that, but you're actually like wearing this on the outside—that you have those wings, or even on the top or on the bottom to help keep the pouch from being peeled off.

On the inside, what I like to carry inside of mine, if I am using one, writing stuff, snacks, of course, that I pilfer from the snack little area of our break room. And then I use our chemlight holders typically to hold batteries. So CR123s, double A's for night vision, triple A's for my Sordins. And then usually a couple 2032s for optics such as this Razor or even like RMRs and stuff like that. And then I can have writing utensils, whatever else. So just a really convenient little pouch to put a few items in, nothing too big, nothing too bulky, whether you're running, you know, something just Velcroing this to the front of your AC1.

So another way to sort of use this, just to show you guys, sometimes I'll just do this. I'll literally just take off, you know, my placard and I can still have some stuff, you know, depending on what I'm doing or I could wear it on top of our or shingle or something like that. So I can have some easy access items right there if I'm running my armor slick and it's inexpensive and it just gives you, you know, a little bit more capability. I don't have Velcro adherence here on the side, so I'd wanna adjust my cummerbund for that. But I'm good to go as far as carrying a few items. So check it out on our website and if it's something that's useful for you and if it's not, well, then don't buy it.