SureFire X300U Overview

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X300 Model Types (00:00)
The SureFire X300 is one of the most popular lights on the market. And for good reason. It's extremely reliable, there's a lot of holster companies out there that support it, and it's got a good track record. They're issued all over the world to all kinds of people and they're one of the most popular products that we sell on our website. So the packaging looks just like so.

The SureFire X300 comes in a few different variations. You have the B model, which has a thumbscrew attachment system. So when you go to attach it to your pistol, rifle, submachine gun, whatever it is, you are going to screw this in to actually attach the rail section to your rifle, weapon, whatever it is. There's also the A model, which has a quick attach system where you pull down on these two little plastic levers, slide the light onto your picatinny section 1913, your Glock, whatever it is, and then it clicks into place.

Now there's a couple of pros and cons to both of these. This one's very easy to put on and off of your handgun or your weapon. But the downside is—the experience that I've had with this one is—after a time the latch starts to come loose and then the light is going to jiggle around on your weapon. Not a huge problem, not a big deal, but it is something that has occurred for me. The B model, however, since you can tighten it to however tight you really want it—although don't over tighten it on your Glock or other polymer-framed handgun, you're gonna create some issues—allows you to actually tighten this down and make sure that it stays nice and firm to the handgun.

Older Models (01:28)
Now there's a couple things to note about the X300. There's a lot of, you know, you've got the new ones on the market and then you have older ones. And SureFire, a little criticism that I have is, they're not real good at marking, you know, what generation of X300 that we're on. So when you go and buy a used X300, you could have one that's a couple years old that looks just like the ones being made today. But there's a couple things that they changed. More recently, they added a lot more flood to the X300 and they changed the color temperature to be a little bit more blue. They also made the rear cap, the activation paddle, a little fatter and a little bit larger. Contrast that to the older one, such as this X300 right here, which is well used. You have a yellower sort of temperature for the light itself. You also have a little bit more focused beam and the paddles themselves are a little bit smaller. Now I personally like the smaller paddles on these, but they're not offering them anymore. So if that's something you're interested in, you're going to have to go find an older X300. The tan model also recently became fully tan, where the injection molded plastic parts here—the rear cap and the rail section and the A-latch right here—are now all tan, like so.

Counterfeit X300s (02:41)
Now something I do want to talk about that you have to be careful of is there are a lot of fake X300s on the market. If you go to eBay or somewhere like that, there's all sorts that come out of Hong Kong. I used to buy them to make holsters because they actually do match the dimensions of the real ones. But no, they don't function as well as an actual X300. So be really careful if you're going and buying used SureFire X300s, make sure you buy them through reputable dealers or you just buy them new straight from companies like T.REX ARMS or someone else. But be very careful of that. It's a popular product and so counterfeit companies want to capitalize on that.

Changing the Battery (03:15)
Switching the battery out on the X300 is done with the rear cap right here. There's a small lever here positioned at the bottom. You push that in, lift the cap up and then the batteries are accessible. What this means is you're going to have to remove the X300 from your handgun, submachine gun, rifle, every time you want to switch the batteries out. Which is kind of an inconvenience, but it's not real bad. It's not like you're having to zero the light to your handgun. Two CR123s power it for a total of a thousand lumens. The newest models, I noticed, have had 1000 lumens printed here on the bottom. Whereas some of the early ones they did after the upgrade, didn't actually say that. So you weren't sure how many lumens your X300 would be. But these state it right here.

Switching Accessories (03:57)
There's a couple other accessories you can add to the X300. You have the DG switches. I don't have one right here, but basically the way it works is you pull the rear cap and then you tilt this all the way to the front, slide the rear cap off, and then you can insert another version of these that has a pressure switch that runs along the bottom to the front of your handgun grip. Now it's important to note though, that the DG switch is made specific to certain handgun models. So if you buy one for a Glock 17, for example, that is not going to work on an M&P pistol or on a P320, yes P320. So you have to be careful on what model of DG switch you go and order if that's something you want to look into.

They also used to make, I don't think they do anymore, one of these that gave you a receptacle for the rifle pressure pads, the SR07 and the ST07. But I believe they stopped making those. I had some issues with those where, if a blunt object hit the side of it, it would actually crack the latch right here and that would render your light pretty much useless. But I'm pretty sure that's been discontinued, but I want you guys to know it exists because you can find them around there, if you want to mount this to a rifle and have a pressure switch that you would normally have on a rifle.

Rail Adapter (05:13)
Also included in the package is a 1913 picatinny rail section adapter. Because by default, and I think this is great that SureFire does this, the section of rail that interfaces with your pistol or whatever you're using, is the skinny Glock-style section, because most people are using Glocks because they're smart. This can work on 1913 pistols, like if you have an FNX-45 or a P320 or something like that, but if you want a little bit better fit, that's when you add the 1913 adapter inside the package that's included. To remove the little plate and switch out to the 1913 on the B model, you're simply going to unscrew the latch until it clears the shelf of the adapter little plate itself. And then that just lifts right out, like so. You add in the 1913, which in this case I'm just gonna put this one back in. And then simply screw the mount back in like so. If you have any other questions on the SureFire X300, whether it's the Ultra or the Vampire model, go ahead and email us at [email protected].