Surefire Scout ST07 Mini Pressure Pad

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The ST07 switch lets you remotely activate any SureFire WeaponLight that has a switch socket. The switch pad has adhesive-backed Velcro® for attachment to desired location. Plug is O-ring sealed, weatherproof. Cable length is measured from opening of plug skirt to beginning of tape switch. Seven-inch cable length (ST07) fits most rifle/carbine applications.

While the ST07 comes with adhesive velcro, it is not usually enough to keep the pressure pad on the weapon. We recommend tape, zip ties, or the Cloud Defensive LCS if you want an extremely rugged system.

Mounted to a gen 1 MCX with a single zip tie.
M300C + ST07 Mini pad inside an LCS + DS00 rear cap.
ST07 mini pad comparison. Tucked inside an LCS.
Setup with a Scout rear cap host.
This is also the switch you want to get if you’re running the CDLS.
SCAR 16 with CDLS and ST07.
300BLK MCX with CDLS and ST07.
Surefire M600DF with an LCS on a block 2.