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T.REX Hydro Pouch


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The T.REX Hydro Pouch is our optimized take on the Eagle USGI canteen pouch. It fits a 32oz. Nalgene, standard military canteen, or two standard water bottles. You can run it with the flap closed or with the flap tucked inside and the Y strap securing the bottle instead. At the top of the pouch is a shock cord cinch that allows you to tighten the pouch to fit a variety of items and keep them from bouncing around under movement. The Hydro Pouch takes up two columns of MOLLE and has a 2.25″ pass-through for belt mounting. This pouch was specifically designed around our Quad Flap Chest Rig but will work just about anywhere that has two columns of MOLLE available.


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One T.REX Hydro Pouch

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  • Fits a wide variety of military canteens along with Nalgenes and regular old water bottles (x2).
  • Design inspired by the USGI canteen pouch with some improvements and modernizations made.
  • The top of the pouch is adjustable via shock cord and a cord lock to keep contents stable and in place during movement.
  • The internal Velcro loop field allows the flap to be tucked so the pouch can be run as an open-top design.
  • Takes up 2 columns of MOLLE/PALS webbing.
  • Can accommodate padded inserts for use as a pouch for valuable things, like night vision or thermal devices.
  • Integrated 2.25″ belt pass-through for the Speed Belt or other similar belts.

Made in the USA.


Length5 inches
Width3.5 inches
Height9.5 inches
Pouch Depth7 inches
Weight4.0 ounces

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