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T.REX Aimpoint Micro Middle Mount for ACOG


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The Trijicon ACOG is known for its seemingly undying reliability. Couple this with the Aimpoint T-2, and you have a winning combination that will withstand whatever you put it through. While mounting an RMR to an ACOG is nothing new, its open-emitter design lacks performance in inclement weather. This is where mounting a closed-emitter dot like the Aimpoint T-2 comes in clutch. While this mount is recommended for the middle of the 3.5×35 LED TA110 ACOG, you can use it on the rear of the TA11 and TA55 models with some quirks.


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One T.REX Aimpoint Micro Middle Mount for ACOG; two screws for mounting to ACOG; four screws for securing optic to mount; two hex keys

This mount is not compatible with TA02 LED ACOG models. You can find our Aimpoint T-2 Front Mount HERE.

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  • Anodized aluminum
  • Allows for passive aiming with night vision devices
  • Simple bolt-on mounting
  • Works with Aimpoint Micro models such as the Micro T-1, T-2, H-1, and H-2, as well as other optics that use the Aimpoint Micro Standard
  • The approximate centerline of the top optic is about 3.3″ with an Aimpoint T-2 on a standard ACOG mount.
  • Weight w/ Hardware: 1 oz (27g)
  • Torque Specs: T-2 to mount: 12 inch-lbs; Mount to ACOG: 15 inch-lbs.

Made in the USA by Arisaka Defense.


Recommended for use with:

  • 3.5×35 LED (TA110) models in the “Middle” position.

Viable, but not ideal:

  • 3.5×35 (TA11) models
  • 5.5×50 (TA55) models

Not recommended:

  • 4×32 (TA01 and TA31) models are NOT recommended because the optic overhangs the eyepiece of the ACOG, limiting the field of view and obstructing the user from a consistent sight picture.

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Running the ACOG – Video – T.REX ARMS

T.REX Aimpoint Micro Mounts for ACOG Overview – Video – T.REX ARMS

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