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Cloud Defensive LCS for SureFire

This product is regulated by ITAR. It can only be shipped in the USA.

The Cloud Defensive LCS (Light Control System) is a very rugged activation solution for rifle-mounted weapon lights. Possibly the most rugged if you’re wanting to run a pressure pad. The LCS simply attaches to regular picatinny rail. Most commonly at the 12 o’clock position.

Simply drop a SureFire ST07 into the LCS and you’re set. We highly recommend this setup if you’re not constantly switching out your laser/light equipment but want something intuitive and extremely rugged.

DOES NOT include ST07 Pressure Pad. Purchase here.

Unique Patent-Pending design utilizes a slot that ensures a snug, perfect friction-fit for the tape switch. Once installed it’s not coming out unless you want it to.

“Early Exit” feature allows the user to route the cable into the LCS and then exit the mount early if more cable slack is needed for your given setup.

3-piece clamp design allows for perfect fit across all picatinny rails.

Proprietary Integrated Cable Channels (ICC) are integrated into both sides of the mount, giving the user the ability to control excess cable and making the mount ambidextrous and reversible. Channels can be used for other cable management as well (IR, etc.).

Full-length aluminum base allows for optimum tape switch engagement. No “give” in the tape switch when depressed makes for easier and more positive light engagement. Shooter can fully use the entire length of the tape switch now.

Radiused/chamfered edges ensure comfort and ergonomic function.

Fully ambidextrous and reversible. The LCSmk1can be mounted in either direction, based on your preference/needs.

Length: 2.5″

Height: .303″ (.245″ above the top of the rail)

Weight (with all hardware): 27 grams (1 oz)

Width: 1.19″


Why would I want this over the SR07 pad? The SureFire pad that clips to rails.
It’s a more permanent and durable pressure pad solution. So if you’re not constantly re-configuring your rifle, this is a better option. Once the LCS is bolted to your rail… it’s not going anywhere. The wire can also be more protected if you run it inside the LCS channels.
Is the LCS kind of a pain to screw to the rail while threading the pressure pad wire through the channel?
Yes. It’s not just you. But once it’s done… it’s done.

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