Surefire Scout DS00 Tailcap – Pushbutton + Pressure Pad Host

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This product is regulated by ITAR. It can only be shipped in the USA.

The DS00 switch receptacle accepts the ST07, SR07 and SR09-D-IT remote tape switches (sold separately).

The DS00 is a waterproof switch assembly for SureFire’s Scoutlight Weapon Lights. Includes system disable feature, click on/off pushbutton switch. The integrated pushbutton and remote switch assembly operates independently, providing switch redundancy.

DS00 attached to a M300V on a 416.
The DS00 is particularly useful on carbines where the pressure pad is located on one side of the firearm but you still need a way to activate the light when transitioning to your support-side.
DS00 + M300U + ST07 pad with LCS.
DS00 + 9″ Dual Pad + M600DF + ATPIAL-C.
DS00 + 9″ Dual Pad + M600DF + ATPIAL-C assembled.
Left to right: standard rear cap host, default push button cap included with every Scout light, DS00.