Safariland Hi-Ride Belt Slide

Ships in 1-8 business days

If you want to run your OWB holster high on the belt, this is a great option. The Safariland 565BL Hi-Ride Belt Slide rides 1″ higher than most standard belt loops. It is designed for the Safariland 3-hole pattern so it will work with our Ragnarok series of holsters and Safariland holsters alike. A QLS Plate can also be attached if you want to run a Ragnarok + QLS Fork setup which offsets the holster and gun just slightly away from your belt line, making drawing a bit easier. Running this slick with just a holster attached is ideal if you’re wanting to carry OWB but concealed under a shirt or jacket.

Available in 1.5″ or 1.75″ belt widths.

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